[YRSUM] AP Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme 2024: Online Registration

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) 2024 | Online Apply YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra | రైతు సేవా లో ఉపాధి మిత్ర పథకం | AP YSR रीतु सेवा लो उपाधी मित्र स्कीम 2024 | All जगन मोहन रेड्डी योजना | Application Process Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra

Andhra Pradesh Government to launch a new farmers-friendly project సేవా లో ఉపాధి మిత్ర పథకం. This YRSUM scheme is under discussion to address the sudden rise in unemployment in the state due to the Lockdown of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is an NREGA ointment for migrant workers outside of work. The AP Migrant Workers Jobs in Agriculture Sector Project aims to benefit workers in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) working in agriculture.

Most of the migrant workers who have returned from their working country to their home states are now facing employment-related problems. They lost their work and therefore there is a risk to their livelihood. According to the instructions of the Rural Development Commissioner, all relevant district officials have sent their YRSUM scheme project report.

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YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

There were many people who were working in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, and other states. in the small companies but due to the outbreak coronavirus, they lost their jobs. So the Andhra Pradesh state government plans to launch the Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra scheme. Under this scheme, migrant workers will be provided with daily wages with jobs returning to their home country due to job losses due to the lockdown of the coronavirus.

This scheme will create employment opportunities in the agricultural and allied sectors by making use of the NREGA. The scheme will operate like the MGNREGA. Under this scheme, migrant workers will work in the agricultural and allied sectors, as these sectors face a shortage of workers.

Main Points of YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

Scheme NameYSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme
Launched ByAndhra Pradesh Government
BeneficiariesMigrant Workers of Andhra Pradesh
ObjectiveTo provide job opportunities to migrant workers who have returned to their native land

Note – The proposed Andhra Pradesh jobs for migrant workers in the agriculture sector under YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra (YRSUM) can address a vital and annual problem farmers face.

Labor(Employment) will be required for work related to agriculture in the fall season which will run from July to November 2020. One acre of crops requires at least 200 workers for all types of work, which include:

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  • Equipping a nursery bed
  • Land preparation
  • Field Leveling
  • Tillage formation
  • Picking seedlings
  • Weeding
  • Fertilization
  • Spraying
  • The formation of alleys

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many migrant workers have become unemployed. Now the government wants to involve these migrant workers in the labor-intensive sector. Because it is impossible for the government to financially support everyone by adding money directly to their bank account under various schemes.

Required Documents for Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Andhra Pradesh(AP)
  • Applicant must be unemployed
  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • A passport-sized photo
  • Mobile Phone Number

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Application Process

If you want to apply for the Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra scheme, then you should wait some time as the scheme is in its early stage of development. The government has not yet begun this scheme. Once the government launches this scheme, we will inform you of any other required information and application procedures through this article. You are required to be in contact with us if you want to know about updates related to this scheme.

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