Himachal Pradesh Sashakt Mahila Yojana 2023 | Benefits, Application Form

Himachal Pradesh Strong Women Scheme 2023 | Himachal Pradesh Sashakt Mahila Yojana online | Himachal Pradesh Sashakt Mahila Yojana in Hindi | Application Form of Himachal Pradesh Strong Women Scheme | Benefits of HP Sashakt Mahila Kendra Yojana | Himachal Pradesh Sashakt Mahila Yojana Application Form

The Himachal Pradesh government has given its approval to implement the “Empowerment Center for Women” scheme in the state to empower rural women and provide them with an interface for organization and social and economic development. The scheme envisages not only connecting rural women with sustainable livelihood opportunities but also improving their skills through training.

Women form the backbone of the Himalayan economic system for H.P. Where agriculture is completely dependent on them. The social and economic contribution of women towards the family and society is of great importance, but the mutual benefits conferred on them are disproportionate. Without a doubt, women play a unique role in the social and economic formation of the economy.

In fact, the enormous contribution of rural women needs a new review in light of their general socio-economic status, awareness, expectations, and awareness that has not yet been attended to in a satisfactory manner. Women consciously struggle with the unfair burdens they bear in terms of their livelihood, their health, their political voice, and their autonomy within their bodies and lives. Women are still not activated according to expectations.

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Himachal Pradesh Powerful Women’s Scheme

हिमाचल प्रदेश सशक्त महिला योजना के बारे में – The state government will raise awareness of the rights of rural women through this scheme. Not only that but students who study in school will be encouraged under this scheme. Women between 19 and 45 years old. She will get better skills training from the state government, and then she will be able to get better job opportunities for herself. Not only that, according to this scheme, awareness will also be given to girls and teenage women about the hygiene of menstruation to build self-esteem.

Benefits of HP Sashakt Mahila Kendra Yojana

हिमाचल प्रदेश सशक्त महिला केंद्र योजना के लाभ – The Strong Woman Scheme has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Women will be provided with information about their rights.
  • The camps will be organized at the Panchayat level to deliver skills training for women.
  • In these camps, especially for women, health and nutritional education is tailored to their needs, and advice on family welfare is provided
  • Providing awareness about childcare practice, home management, etc.
  • Goods are provided for state women and self-help groups (SHGs) to train for income-generating activities – jute, bags, soft toys, waste recycling, pickles, archives, textile and embroidery products, etc.

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  • Through this scheme, state women will also be provided with timely supplies of sanitary napkins.
  • A one-time seed fund worth Rs 50,000 will be distributed to the state’s self-help group for income-generating activities.
  • Also, in government institutions like MBBS, B.Tech, MCA, MBA, BAMS, etc., a total amount of Rs 5,000 will be provided for three girls from rural areas until the completion of the course.

Other Announcements with Sashakt Mahila Yojana

सशक्त महिला योजना के साथ अन्य घोषणाएं – In addition to the women’s empowerment plan, the following announcements were made at a cabinet meeting.

  • 54 posts were approved for a Small Office Assistant (IT) at the Women and Child Development Directorate, Himachal Pradesh on a contractual basis.
  • The state government also gave its approval to fill 15 posts for three nursery workers and nursery assistants in nurseries managed by the Himachal Pradesh State Council for Child Welfare under various national nursery plans in different areas of the state.
  • It was also approved to create and fill ten small assistant office posts on a contractual basis in industry management.
  • The Cabinet also decided to open a police station in Yashwant Nagar under Rajgir, the police station in the Sarmor district, as well as create seven posts of different categories for the convenience of people from 48 villages in the region.
  • Likewise, it agreed to open police stations in Shogi under the Builogang Police Station in the Shimla region.

Himachal Pradesh Sashakt Mahila Yojana Application Form

हिमाचल प्रदेश सशक्त महिला योजना आवेदन पत्र – If you would like to apply to Himachal Pradesh Saksham Mahila Yojana and want to benefit from this scheme, you can contact him at your nearest office.

  1. DRDA project official
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Panchayat Raj District Officer
  4. Deputy Director of Higher Education (Higher & Primary)
  6. Director general
  7. Regional manager
  8. Mahilavikram Nigam
  9. District Language Officer
  10. CDPO district headquarters block.

You will have to contact the officer’s office mentioned above. You can apply for this scheme at the office of any of these officers.

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