[ASHA] Jharkhand Aajivika Samvardhan Hunar Abhiyan 2024: Self-Employment for Women Scheme

Jharkhand Livelihood Promotion Skill Campaign Apply Online 2024 | झारखंड आजीविका संवर्धन हुनर अभियान आवेदन | Aajivika Samvardhan Hunar Abhiyan Apply Online | Jharkhand ASHA Yojana | झारखंड आशा योजना आवेदन | ग्रामीण महिला स्वरोजगार योजना | Self-Employment for Women Scheme | ASHA Yojana In Hindi


Jharkhand Livelihood Promotion Hunar Abhiyan/ Jharkhand Aajivika Samvardhan Hunar Abhiyan – Self-employment opportunities for rural women. The government of India has launched a campaign called Aatam Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan for the people of India. After the Corona crisis, the government announced its campaign to achieve self-sufficiency in India.

However, the government is launching many schemes in order to improve people’s lives, and also this scheme will be used entirely by businessmen to make them self-sufficient because we all know that the nation’s economy is not in good shape.

The people of the country will have to contribute something to the economy. To ease the deteriorating state of the economy, the government will announce several types of financial assistance through several schemes. The people should benefit from the scheme, and they should contribute to the economy of the nation.

Jharkhand Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2024: झारखण्ड बेरोजगारी भत्ता, @jharkhandrojgar.nic.in

Jharkhand Aajivika Samvardhan Hunar Abhiyan – ASHA Scheme

Under this scheme, the government will ensure that women in rural areas are trained to rely on themselves to do their own business. As a result of this scheme, the economic development of rural women can be realized. With the help of this scheme, the idea of ​​empowering women will advance as well. Besides, the government also announced Phulo Jhano Ashirwad Abhiyan and Palash Brand under this scheme. With the help of this scheme, a woman can develop her own business, and she can get a job.

By their profession, many other people could find employment in their profession. This scheme will take the idea of ​​the working woman. Women can earn money and do not have to depend on other people.


In other words, women can become self-sufficient through this scheme. The government is trying to improve the number of startups in the country. This scheme will also implement this goal for the country. However, this campaign will provide training to start your own business.

Highlights of Aajivika Samvardhan Hunar Abhiyan

Name of SchemeJharkhand Livelihood Promotion Skill Campaign(आशा स्वरोजगार योजना)
Who LaunchedGovernment of Jharkhand
BeneficiaryWomen of Jharkhand
An ObjectiveTo provide employment opportunities for women.
Official WebsiteClick Here

Main Points to Note for Jharkhand Asha Yojana – झारखण्ड आजीविका संवर्धन हुनर अभियान

This campaign will improve the living skills of women. This system will connect all rural women to the campaign. About 17 lakh rural women will receive training under this campaign. Self-employment opportunities will also be provided to women who want to do business. Here is a list of self-employment opportunities to make a living:

  • Agricultural Livelihoods – In the campaign, several types of agricultural activities will be trained by the government so that women can acquire the necessary skills for themselves and start their own businesses.
  • Animal husbandry – A woman can start a business related to raising animals such as dairy products, etc.
  • Forest producer – Individuals can start a business related to the production of forest objects.

During the lockdown, many ex-pats have returned to their hometowns. In Jharkhand, many states have returned. All of them are unemployed due to a lack of jobs in the market. With the help of this scheme, they can gain the skills to start their business from their available resources.


Benefits of the livelihood promotion skills scheme – ASHA Yojna

  • Under this scheme, women were launched to sell liquor by hand from Jharkhand.
  • Through this scheme, women selling handmade wines will be provided with employment and self-employment opportunities.
  • Women will be empowered through this scheme.
  • ASHA will provide women in Jharkhand with self-employment opportunities related to local resources including agriculture-based livelihoods, animal husbandry, forestry products, and entrepreneurship.
  • About 17 lakh rural families will be linked through this scheme.
  • Now Jharkhand women will no longer need to sell handmade pumpkins to manage their household expenses.
  • Jharkhand women will gain employment and self-employment opportunities by enhancing livelihoods in Jharkhand, Honor Yojana.
  • The budget for this scheme has been set by the government to be Rs 600 crores.
  • The livelihood enhancement skills scheme in Jharkhand will be run by the Rural Development Department.

How to Apply for Aajivika Samvardhan Hunar Yojana/आजीविका संवर्धन हुनर अभियान

Dear readers, you must also have read above how useful is this scheme. Only unemployed people and permanent residents of Jharkhand state can apply under the Livelihood Promotion Skills Campaign.


Only at present has this scheme been announced by the state government. The government has not issued any decree for online or offline applications yet. Also, we can guess that the state government can invite online applications for this scheme.

We will definitely inform you through our website as soon as any decree is issued for the campaign to enhance livelihood skills. The Jharkhand government will also issue an official version of this scheme through the Jhar-Seva portal https://jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in/.

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