[COVID 19 Tracker] Corona Kavach Mobile App Download

The government of India has launched a special app for Corona Kavach mobile phones to prevent coronavirus. With the help of this mobile app, people will be able to know the amount of risk of HIV infection and the steps they must take to avoid it.

Apart from this, Corona Kavach app users will also provide all kinds of information related to this virus. The application is currently in beta and is under testing. This app is expected to be presented to people soon.

Central/Government Schemes for Affected people with Coronavirus


The government will track infected people

The government of India will track the location of the infected through this mobile application. Besides, the government will also get information from people’s moments. At the same time, the government says we want to protect people from this coronavirus and also provide the correct information about it.

Corona Kavach Android Mobile App Download / Verify Mobile Phone Number

With the help of the Corona Kavach app, user smartphone data will be tracked based on their location. As a result, if the user calls an infected person or is about to pass, it will be alerted. According to the official description, the purpose of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Kavach app is to provide users with information about new coronaviruses and data collection.

Corona Kavach is currently only available for Android users. This Festoon Shield app will create a kind of trap for people as people will also be informed about the infected areas around them. Below we give you complete information about COVID 19 Tracker- Corona Kavach Mobile App.

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Corona Virus (Kovid-19) Armor Android Mobile App Download Click on the link below for the link.

  • To use the Corona Kavach mobile app, you need to follow a few steps, first, you must download it.
  • After opening the application, you will be asked for some information such as the information related to the site.
  • Here, you should go to “Allow” by clicking “Next“.
  • You must complete the registration process by placing your mobile phone number here and placing the one-time password on it.
  • On the main webpage, you will be given some basic information related to coronal infection. The bar color at the top will indicate your condition.
  • The countdown will start as soon as you tap the Corona Armor logo in the middle and the app will track your movement.
  • If you call an infected person, you will be alerted in red.

Check the health of Corona Kavach mobile phone – कोरोना कवच मोबाइल फोन के स्वास्थ्य की जांच करें

After downloading the Google Play Store Kavach app, it continues to track the location of users after every hour to check if there is a risk of infection with the Coronavirus. In this, you should fill out a six-question form option. In this, some questions are asked regarding possible aura symptoms:

  • Do you have difficulty breathing?
  • What is your body temperature now?
  • Are you back from abroad?
  • Is there pain in the body?
  • Is there any kind of cough in the throat?
  • Have you met anyone who recently arrived from abroad?

Corona Kavach Android Mobile App Color Status and its dangers

The Covid-19 Kavach app will show you the risk of infection with the SK virus through different colors, depending on the location and other details, one color will appear at the top of the application

  1. Green – the color means that everything is OK.
  2. Orange – means the color you need to go to the doctor.
  3. Yellow – indicates color isolation.
  4. Red – the color means you are infected.

When leaving the house, you must activate it by leaving the house by clicking on the Kavach icon, which will follow your movement for one hour.

Free Coronary Antivirus Helpline No: 1075 / 11-23978046
Novel Corona-Virus Updates & Consulting: https://www.mohfw.gov.in

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