[Helpline Number] Central Government Schemes for Affected people with Coronavirus

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Coronavirus or COVID-19, a pandemic declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), kills many people. Originated from Wuhan, China, now spread in more than 188 countries. The total number of suspected cases due to this epidemic is increasing steadily and has reached crores worldwide, while already lakhs people have died.

People can now wisely check out the full list of government Schemes to combat coronavirus. After the Janata curfew, managers from different states announced the closure and various plans to prevent this situation from deteriorating. On March 24, 2020, PM Modi announced full closure in India by April 14, 2020.

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Central/government Schemes for people affected by the Coronavirus

To provide a lifetime emergency credit to SBI for coronary borrowers

The State Bank of India (SBI) will provide emergency loans to existing borrowers whose operations are affected by Coronavirus 2019 (COVID 19) at an interest rate of 7.25% annually. In response to the temporary liquidity mismatch resulting from Kovid-19, this dedicated loan facility was named the COVID 19 Credit Credit Line.

The scheme will be executed until June 30, 2020, and the maximum loan amount is Rs. 200 crore. All standard accounts are eligible until March 16, 2020, until the approval date. However, standard accounts classified as Special Signal Accounts – SMA 1 (30-60 days late) and SMA 2 (61-90 days late) are not eligible for credit facilities. These loan facilities will only be provided as a fund-based limit. The loan is to be paid in six equal monthly installments after six months of delay from the date the loan was disbursed.

Production-Related Incentive Scheme (PLI) To Promote Domestic Industrialization

The central government has approved 6940 crores for the PLI scheme. The scheme will boost local manufacturing and attract significant investment in specific electronic components, including mobile phone assembly and assembly, testing, labeling, and packaging (ATMP) units. The PLI scheme will generate significant sales and substantial additional business opportunities for Rs. 46,400 crores in 8 years.

Scheme to enhance the manufacture of APIs and medical devices in India

The central government has approved a package of Rs 13,760 crore to combat the coronavirus. The scheme will boost the domestic production of exports with bulk medicines (9,940 crores) and medical devices (3,820) in the country.

Delhi state government schemes for Coronavirus

  • Free Ration for PDS Beneficiaries – Under the Public Distribution System (PDS), all beneficiaries will receive a free and additional quota for one month. About 18 Lakh families will be covered under the scheme.
  • Free Ration to Delhi Ration Scheme Beneficiaries – The Delhi government will provide an additional 50%, i.e. 7.5 kg instead of the fixed quota of 5 kg for the free ration for 72 beneficiaries of the Delhi Food Quota System for one month. The quota will be given free of charge.
  • Free food for the homeless in the night shelter – The state government will also provide free food for the homeless twice daily in the night shelters. This offer will not be limited to the occupants of these facilities. Free lunch and dinner will be provided for everyone in shelters for 220 nights.
  • Widow / Disabled / Old-age pension doubled – The state government doubled the widow’s, old-age and disabled pension.
  • 5,000 for construction workers – the Delhi government will now save Rs. 5,000 per construction worker, so they can keep their livelihood.

Uttar Pradesh government Schemes for Coronavirus

Daily wage workers will be given 1,000 rupees per month – 1,000 rupees per 15 daily wage workers and 20.37 lakh construction workers to help them meet their daily needs in UP. Click on the link below for more information.

Chhattisgarh State Government Schemes for Coronavirus

Two months free of rice for all ration card holders – The CG government decided to provide two months of free rice for all ration cardholders. Each family will get 35-35 kilograms of rice completely free to save their lives during the “full closure” in India until April 14, 2020.

Odisha state government schemes for Coronavirus

  • Odisha provides rice for 5 lakhs of the poor – the Food Supply and Social Care Department has agreed to include 5 new beneficiaries of lakh under the Odisha Food Security Scheme. In this scheme, the government will provide rice to the poor at an affordable price of Rs 1 per kilogram.
  • Odisha Housing / Food / Medical Care Initiative – The state government will develop quarantine facilities and provide temporary housing, food, and medical care to people looking for shelter in quarantine camps. Odisha’s government will establish additional test laboratories and purchase the equipment needed to deal with the situation.
  • Drought classes for students – The School and Community Education Department announced that drought classes will be awarded to first to eighth-graders in government and government schools for the next 90 days. A dry ration of 3 kg of rice will be given per month for seasons 1 through 5.

Tamil Nadu State Government schemes for Coronavirus

  • Rs 1,000 for all holders of ration cards, free rice, and sugar – The state government will provide Rs 1,000 for all holders of ration cards, free rice, sugar, and other essential items. To avoid long waiting lists, all items would be released on a token basis, as announced by Palaniswami of Tamil Nadu CM Eidappadi.
  • One month extra salary – Tamil Nadu state government will provide an additional one month salary for doctors, nurses, and all participants of coronavirus patients.

Kerala government schemes for Coronavirus

  • SC / ST Medical Assistance – If the SC / ST person is kept under observation, necessary medical assistance will be provided through the district administration or local self-government.
  • Protein Rich Food Groups – All people in tribal settlements over the age of 60 will be given special protein-rich food groups for the elderly in the tribal areas. The group will contain 500 grams of beans, 500 grams of Bengal, 500 grams of jaggery, 500 grams of coconut oil, and 2 kg of wheat. Those who lose their jobs will be guaranteed employment under the MGNREGA scheme.

State-Wise Helpline Numbers for Coronavirus

The central government helpline number (+91) for the Coronavirus is 11-23978046. The list of helpline numbers for coronavirus handling by status is listed in the table below:

Helpline number of states and Union Territories (UTs):

State NameHelpline Number
Andra Pradesh0866-2410978
Arunachal Pradesh94360-55743
Himachal Pradesh104
Madhya Pradesh0755-2527177
Tamil Nadu044-29510500
Uttar Pradesh1800-180-5145
West Bengal1800-3134-44222 / 033-23412600
Andaman and Nicobar Islands03192-232102
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu104
Jammu and Kashmir0191-2520982 / 0194-2440283
Puducherry 104

For more information, visit the official website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare https://mohfw.gov.in/.

Free Coronavirus Helpline: 1075 / 11-23978046

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