Jharkhand Cybercrime Prevention Scheme 2024 Benefits and Specialties

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Dear Readers, cybercrime is growing very fast across the country. In this case, many steps are taken by the government to stop cybercrime. In light of the increasing rate of cybercrime, the Jharkhand government launched the Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Scheme / झारखण्ड साइबर क्राइम प्रिवेंशन योजना. This Scheme protects women and children from cybercrime, the government initiates cybercrime recording, capacity building, awareness creation, and research and development units.

Through this article, we will provide you with all the important information related to the Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Scheme, such as What is the Jharkhand Cyber ​​Prevention Scheme? Its benefits, purpose, eligibility, important documents, the application process, etc.

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Detail of Jharkhand’s Cybercrime Prevention Scheme

The scheme was launched by the Jharkhand government on December 17, 2020. Through this scheme, the Jharkhand government will try to protect women and children from cybercrime. A goal has been set to initiate cybercrime recording, capacity building, awareness building, and research and development units through Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Yojana.

The Jharkhand government is considering a special focus on police modernization. Under this scheme, all police officers were directed to prepare a robust system to deal with the growing cybercrime.

Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Scheme is Needed

In Jharkhand, 4,803+ cybercrimes have been recorded in the past five years. 1536 of them were settled. This month, 355 criminals were arrested in Jharkhand. To avoid all these cybercrimes, the government started this scheme. To protect women and children from cybercrime, the Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Yojana government has launched.

The Jharkhand government will also ensure that students in various schools are trained in community policing. After this training, the children will help the police with the electronic cell. Ten schools will be identified from each training area. Children will also be able to protect themselves from cybercrime after receiving training.

Highlights of Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Yojana

Name of SchemeJharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Scheme
Who LaunchedGovernment of Jharkhand
BeneficiaryCitizens of Jharkhand
An ObjectivePrevent cybercrime
Official Websitecybercrime.gov.in

Benefits and Features of Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Yojana 2024

  • The government of Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Scheme started on December 17, 2020.
  • Efforts will be made to protect women and children from cybercrime through this scheme.
  • A goal to initiate cybercrime recording, capacity building, awareness building, and research and development units has been set through the scheme.
  • Under this scheme, police modernization will be given special attention.
  • Community policing for students under this scheme will be provided in various schools.
  • After this training, the children will be able to help the police with the cyber/electronic cell.
  • Ten schools will be identified from each training area.
  • Training will also be provided to protect women and children from cybercrime.

Components of Cyber Crime Prevention Against Women & Children Scheme (CCPWC)

There are 5 components to the CCPWC:

  • Online Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Unit
  • Forensic unit
  • Capacity Building Unit
  • Research and Development Unit
  • Awareness Creation Unit

Online Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Unit

  • The Online Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal is the central citizen portal for the CCTNS Project. Using this portal https://www.cybercrime.gov.in/, a complaint related to internet crime can be filed by victims of cybercrime.
  • It will provide a central repository for all these crimes, which will be used to publish an annual analytical report on cybercrime, its trends, remedial measures, etc.
  • Also, this unit will provide a central repository of reference for law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies at the national, state, and local levels of information related to cybercrime.
  • This unit will be responsible for developing a platform for reporting cybercrime online, publishing periodic analytical reports covering cybercrime trends, identifying process flows for handling online complaints submitted by citizens, and also responsible for referring these complaints to appropriate law enforcement agencies based on jurisdiction To states / UTs or any central agency with criminal investigation competence.
  • This unit will work closely with the forensic unit for all digital investigations at the center as well as in the designated government forensic laboratories.

Forensic Module in the CCPWC Scheme

A national cyber forensic laboratory will be operated which will operate 24 hours a week, 365 days a year. The most modern forensic equipment will be equipped in this unit. All central, state, and trade union territories, as well as central and state forensic laboratories, may be used if required. In this unit, cybersecurity experts from across the country will work and help to properly operate the cybercrime law.

The Capacity Building Module will be prepared in the CCPWC

Through this unit, work will be done to build the capacity of all police forces, planning, judicial personnel, and other relevant stakeholders. Through this unit, all states in the country will have the opportunity to increase their expertise in this area.

Research and Development Unit

Research in this area is needed to advance the field of cybercrime. The research and development unit was started by the government to conduct research. Through this unit, research will be conducted in the field of cybercrime in cybercrime law. So that cybercrime can be stopped. This research will be conducted in cooperation with the Academic Research Foundation. Technology will also be developed through research.

Awareness Creation Unit

Awareness of cybercrime will be spread among people through the Awareness Building Unit. So that it can be stopped as soon as possible. When people become aware of cybercrime, they can try to avoid it. This awareness will also be spread through schools. In schools, students will be provided with information related to cybercrime so that children can avoid cybercrime. Awareness will also be spread through web portals and mobile apps.

Procedure to be implemented in Jharkhand Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Scheme

If you wish to apply under this scheme, you will have to wait a while now. This scheme/plan has just been announced. The application process under this scheme will be explained soon. Through this article, we will inform you once the application process under Cyber ​​Crime Prevention Yojana Jharkhand 2021 has been activated by the government.

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