WB Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar and Karmai Dharma Scheme 2024: Government at Your Doorstep

WB Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar Scheme 2024 | Karmai Dharma Scheme | दुआरे दुआरे पश्चिम बंगा सरकार योजना 2023 | WB Karmai Dharma Scheme | Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar in Hindi


West Bengal Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar 2024 Scheme launched by WB Government. Under this scheme, the Government establishes camps in blocks at your doorstep. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched two schemes on November 22, 2020, in a program held at Sidhu Kanhu Indoor Stadium, Durgapur.

The first scheme is called Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar (West Bengal government at every doorstep) and the second is the “Karmai Dharma” scheme (work is worship). Under the DuareDuare Paschim Banga Sarkar scheme, state government officials will organize camps in every block and make public welfare plans accessible to the general public, and the Karmai Dharma initiative will help unemployed youth get self-employment and manage their household expenses.

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Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar scheme details

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced during an administrative meeting in Bankura that the government’s door-to-door scheme would run from December 1 to January 31. Every government service will be provided to every person. Campsites will be held in every block every day from 11 am. The main goal of the West Bengal state government with this Doorstep scheme/plan is to resolve the grievances of people starting from the block level.

Features of Duare Duare Paschim Banga Sarkar scheme

The main features of the DuareDuare Paschim Banga Sarkar Scheme are as follows:

  • As part of the scheme, the West Bengal state government will set up camps in every block.
  • The camps will be a center for redressing people’s grievances.
  • The officers who are in the camp by the state government will look into the needs of the people and try to satisfy them.
  • The state government will start establishing the camps on December 1, 2020.

Karmai Dharma Scheme

In the Karmai Dharma scheme launched by the West Bengal state government, the state government will provide 2 lakh motorcycles for the unemployed youth. All unemployed candidates in the state can apply to earn a living on this self-employment scheme.

Financial assistance will be provided under the Karmai Dharma Yojana with the help of cooperative banks. Boxes will be placed on the back of the bike to hold the items sold. Young countrymen can sell sarees, clothes, or any other item. CM Mamta Banerjee also stated that the government will provide a 100% scholarship for those in real need.

Features of the Karmai Dharma Scheme

West Bengal Karmai Dharma Yojna has the following features:

  • Two young people in the state will be given one motorbike each, under the scheme, to do small businesses.
  • The amount of the motorcycle will be provided with the help of the cooperative banks.

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