[E-Learning] PM E-Vidya Yojana Online Registration 2024

PM e-Vidya Programme Login 2024 | PM E-Vidya Yojana Online Registration 2024 | पीएम ई विद्या योजना | Pradhan Mantri E-Vidya Yojana | PM E Vidya Program Digital Education in India


Coronavirus infection is spreading shockingly throughout the country day after day. While the entire country is also closed for coronavirus protection, even then coronavirus has not stopped harassing people.

Along with the Indian economy, the lives of the next generation of India, i.e. future manufacturing students in India, have changed as they move away from their education. Considering the future of future generations, the e-vidya plan is now launched by the government of India.

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Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana Registration 2024

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman Ji has issued several major announcements related to education, announcing the fifth and final stage related to the economic package of Rs. 20 lakh crores. The Minister of Finance announced the E-Vidya Program (PM E-Vidya Yojana) to promote digital education.

The program has also been announced for the country’s top 100 universities and schools. Under this program, online educational courses will be allowed from May 30, 2020. Sitharaman Ji has announced Swayaprabha DTH to support students who cannot access the Internet.

Name of SchemePradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana
Launched ByNarendra Modi
Announced ByNirmala Sitharaman
Target BeneficiariesStudent
Registration ProcessOnline Mode

Note: The main objective of the PM E Vidya program is to educate students through digital platforms so that student education is not affected by lockdown nationwide.

Other information from Pradhan Portal Mantri E Vidya Yojana

  • Better Education:- Through this program, training courses will be provided to all students associated with schools, colleges, and universities so that they remain in touch with their studies and do not move away from education at this closing time.
  • Education Dissemination Portal:- Under this scheme, a pathway for school and university education will be provided smoothly so that educational knowledge can be transferred to all children.
  • DTH Channel:- The central government knows that not all students can easily access the Internet but they all have TV and cable. With this in mind, for children without an internet connection, the central government plans to launch 12 DTH study channels.
  • Channel 1 Category:- Through this scheme, the DTH channel will depend on only one topic. So that children can easily understand their topic through the channel.
  • Other Shiksha Prasar modes:- Community radio and other trained radio stations have also been added under this scheme. Podcasts will also be launched to better educate students.
  • Special materials for students with special needs:- The central government has also made special arrangements for blind and blind students. Separate study materials are being prepared for these students with disabilities with the assistance of experts.
  • Study materials available:- Tell the Minister of Finance that students who are going to register themselves on Pradhan Mantri Vidya Yojana will also benefit from downloading study materials through this portal.

NABARD ENSURE Online Portal Details | Features & Benefits

  • No Fee:- The central government has not mentioned any fees under this web portal, intended to help students. This directly means that through this web portal issued by the central government, the student will not have to pay any fees during registration.
  • Psychological plan:- About the future of students, they have decided to provide psychological and social support with this program. Throughout this psychological plan, the government will ensure the extent of the activity of mentally active student teachers and family members.
  • Diksha Mantra:- Both central and state governments will work together to continue online classes for students who will register on this portal. The digital infrastructure for the knowledge exchange platform has also been created by the government according to the children’s curriculum. It’s a platform that powers the One Nation One digital platform.
  • Ensuring appropriate education:- National and NewMercy institutional literacy with the task will also ensure that all children learning from toddlers to fifth grade are connected to the scheme and are familiar with the scheme. This central government festival project will start at the end of 2020 and be completed by the end of 2025.
  • Provision for all students:- Pradhan Mantri Vidya Yojana is made for school students as well as college and university students.
  • University permission:- 100 reputable universities have already been granted online education broadcast by the central government and they have requested to continue their studies under this scheme as well.

Apply for Online PM E-Vidya Student Registration – प्रधानमंत्री ई विद्या योजना

The Finance Minister announced this announcement when this portal was explained in detail. He stated that under this scheme, students who want to study online by joining the website must go to the official website (DIKSHA platform), log in, and register. This online course highlights a list of courses or registers. He has also reported that this site will be launched by launching soon so that the future of the country can be enhanced by providing an online educational project.

Students will no longer have to compensate for the losses they incurred in the country. Since this major government step has now been taken by students taking into account their future, every student must join this website portal so that they can contribute greatly to both the future and development of their country.

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