[Free Ration] Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana 2024 – Free Grain for All

Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana 2024 | गुजरात अन्ना ब्रह्मा योजना | Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana in Hindi | [मुफ्त राशन] गुजरात अन्ना ब्रह्मा योजना | Free Ration (Food Grains) Scheme For All In Gujarat State

[Free Ration] Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana

Gujarat state government Anna Brahma Yojana 2024 will release migrant workers from other stuck states while COVID-19 is closed in the state. Now this scheme in Gujarat, all non-ration migrant workers will get food grains and other food grains completely for free.

This decision is taken to ensure that no one in the state remains hungry during the 21-day coronavirus curfew (closures) across the country. Which will be implemented very soon to assist all migrant workers who live in the country.

Free Grains – Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana

The Gujarat state government will launch the Anna Brahma Yojana project for migrant workers from other states such as UP, MP, Bihar, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. From different countries, they used to work here as usual.

But in the event of a shutdown, no one is allowed to work, and these migrant workers are now faced with the problem of scarcity of food rations and basic commodities as well as money.

Gujarat state government Anna Brahma Yojana has launched to provide free food grains to all those without ration cards. This scheme will start on April 4, 2020, and the district administration is preparing a list of all these workers.

Overview of Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana 2024

Name of scheme  Anna Brahma Yojana
Launched By Gujarat government
Beneficiary Migrant labor
Benefit  Free ration to migrant workers
An objective  Providing free ration free

Benefits of Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana

  • Food will be provided free of charge to migrant workers who came from other states such as UP, Madhya Pradesh, or Bihar.
  • All residents will be able to get food without paying any money. Food will be available at the food ration store near your home.
  • This scheme is a major initiative for all poor people in Gujarat.
  • The government has set up 83 relief camps in the state, where poor families of migrant workers receive food and shelter.

Documents Required for Gujarat Ann Brahma Yojana

  • Aadhar card
  • Proof of identity
  • Migrant labor certificate

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Free grains and other incentives for non-ration cardholders under the Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana:

  • 1000 in April for BPL families in the state.
  • 50 units consuming 1.50 will consume electricity fees, which was 30 units for BPL families earlier.
  • For small industries, factories, and micro, small, and medium enterprises in the states, the fixed fees on the April electricity bill have been exempted.
  • Advance allowance for retirees, including the elderly, widows, and the disabled.

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  • Rs. 221 crores have been deposited into the bank accounts of more than 13 lakh people.
  • Financial assistance from Rs 30 to 35 crore for cows and cattle ponds.
  • He directed the small and large companies and the MSMEs to pay the salaries of their employees and workers regularly without any discounts until the entire closing period.

Registration Process under Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana

There is no established registration process under the scheme. You will be able to benefit from this scheme if you have good evidence that you are a migrant worker from another state. You will get a share from the nearest PDS Ration Shop.

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