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The government decided to do some work from May 4, one of which is alcohol, all state governments made this decision in light of the revenue received from alcohol, but this decision is now a cause of the problem. Liquor customers gathered in large numbers at the liquor store. Resulting in complaints of not following the physical distance.

Now all state governments are considering “Home Delivery” to tackle this problem. For this, the application or website will be launched by all states.

Liquor is Harmful to Health

Home Delivery of Liquor State Wise all Information

In such a case, a commitment to social distance proves to be a challenge. There is a line several kilometers outside the liquor stores in Delhi. Moreover, some people in Karnataka were seen eating breakfast outside the liquor stores.

On the other hand, in many states, alcoholic hunters are forced to eat poles, but despite this, their lives are not diminishing. However, the government is preparing a home delivery strategy for this problem.

How much alcohol to buy on home delivery of alcohol

To take advantage of home delivery of alcoholic beverages, you must follow some of their rules. Under these rules, a person can only purchase up to 5 liters of a liquor house. For home delivery of alcoholic beverages up to five liters, only 120 rupees of MRP must be paid. Home delivery fees are not high for alcohol enthusiasts.

Chhattisgarh Delivery Rules for Wine Delivery

  • The state government allowed the supply of wines at home for the purpose of controlling the social distance and spread of Kovid-19.
  • Alcohol lovers in Chhattisgarh can now buy alcohol through mobile apps and websites.
  • Customers can order up to 5000ml online at a time.
  • When delivering the wines that the delivery boy requests, they will have to pay the wine’s price and delivery charges for Rs. 120.

Delivery of wines in Punjab

Home delivery of wines will start from May 7 in Punjab. The state’s tax and tax department issued an order to sell alcohol outdoors on Wednesday.

  • Officials said alcohol stores would only be allowed to open during the curfew.
  • Liquor contracts will open in Punjab from May 7 from 9 AM to 1 PM. During this time anyone can order liquor.
  • The wines will be delivered to your home from 1 pm until 6 pm.
  • The file relating to this request was approved by Captain Amarinder Singh.

Rules for delivering wines to home in Punjab

  • The buyer will only be allowed two liters of alcoholic beverages by home delivery for a cash note.
  • ID cards for alcoholic beverages handlers will be issued by the department and will also maintain curfew licenses on request.
  • PML is not allowed for home delivery.
  • Instructions have been issued to ensure arrangements for compliance with social security regulations in liquor stores.

Uttarakhand Pravasi Yatra Scheme 2021 Apply Online

  • The order states that no more than five people will be allowed to stand outside the liquor store.
  • Liquor contractors who paid 50 percent of the state’s licensing fee will be allowed to open their own stores.
  • The Punjab government had previously urged the center to allow the opening of alcoholic beverage stores in the state so that tax revenues could be reduced.

Note: Although there are no provisions regarding the delivery of alcohol to the home in the Punjab Excise Act 1914 and Rules of Excise, a decision has been made in this regard to ensure social distances in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The site started delivering wines in West Bengal

The government of West Bengal allowed the liquor to be brought home and the state beverage company (BEVCO) launched a website through which people over the age of 21 could order.

Home Delivery of Liquor in West Bengal

  • You can apply after registering yourself on the website excise.wb.gov.in by providing the required details such as mobile phone numbers.
  • After registration, they can order alcoholic beverages from the designated stores on the site.

Home Delivery E-Token of Liquor in Delhi – How To Order Alcohol Online?

If you also want to take advantage of the e-Token system to sell alcoholic beverages in Delhi to take alcohol, then follow these steps.

  • First of all, you must apply for an electronic code through the link https://www.qtoken.in.
  • Users must provide their name and phone number, after which the email code will be sent to the phone.
  • According to the Delhi government order, tokens will also be issued to people who queue.

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