Maharashtra Interest-Free Farm Loan Scheme 2024 – Upto ₹ 3 lakh Discount in Electricity Bill for Farmers

महाराष्ट्र ब्याज मुक्त कृषि ऋण योजना | महाराष्ट्र व्याजमुक्त शेती कर्ज योजना | Maharashtra Interest-free farm loan Scheme 2024 | maharashtra budget 2023-24 | Maharashtra Interest-free farm loan Scheme in Hindi / Marathi / English


Dear readers, the MH state government announced the initiation of a Maharashtra interest-free crop loan scheme / महाराष्ट्र ब्याज मुक्त कृषि ऋण योजना / महाराष्ट्र व्याजमुक्त शेती कर्ज योजना. In Maharashtra, the farm loan scheme is without interest, in the state government. He will make loans amounting to Rs. 3 lahks at a 0% interest rate for farmers. The government led by CM Uddhav Thackeray will bear the interest amount in full. In this article, we will tell you full details about the zero-interest crop loan scheme. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar stated in the 2021 state budget that farmers in the state will be allowed to repay their agricultural loans without any interest burden. More than 35 lakh farmers are likely to benefit from the scheme which will increase the financial burden on the state treasury by about Rs. 1,200 Crore. We now provide you with details of the various schemes and exemptions offered by the state government.

महाराष्ट्र व्याजमुक्त शेत कर्ज योजना २०२१ अर्थसंकल्पात जाहीर, पीक कर्ज रू. शेतकर्‍यांना शून्य टक्के व्याज दराने 3 लाख, 1200 कोटींचे वाटप, 0% व्याज पीक कर्ज योजनेतून 35 लाख शेतक benefit्यांना लाभ

Maharashtra’s zero-interest farmer loan scheme announced in budget 2023-24, a crop loan of Rs. 3 lahks at zero percent interest rate for farmers, Rs. 1,200 crores earmarked, 35 farmers benefit from Crop Loan Scheme at 0% interest.

Maharashtra Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana 2024: Apply Online, Application Form

Latest New Updates 2023-24

This new financial scheme under which Rs 6,000 per annum will be paid to over 1 crore farmers in the state was approved in a cabinet meeting in May. The scheme was announced in the 2023-24 Budget by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who was holding the Finance portfolio at the time. The amount (Rs 6,000 paid by the state to farmers annually) is in addition to Rs 6,000 paid by the Center in installments annually under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said.

Details of Maharashtra (0) Zero-Interest Farm Loan Scheme

An interest-free crop loan scheme has been announced in Maharashtra to increase farmers’ income. While presenting the budget, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar Ji announced various development schemes and projects for farmers because Maharashtra is one of the largest agricultural states in the country. The Maha Vikas Aghadi government (MVA) announced that farmers will receive interest-free crop loans of up to Rs 3 lakh.

Interest-free Crop Loan Scheme Launched in Maharashtra

The interest-free crop loan scheme will start in the Kharif season. The current concessional crop loan scheme is being converted to a zero-interest crop loan scheme.

Other initiatives for the agriculture sector in Maharashtra’s budget

  • In the Maharashtra State Budget 2021, the CM also made a judgment of Rs. 2,000 Crore to strengthen APMC.
  • APMCs (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) lack basic facilities for farmers who bring their products there for sale. Therefore, it is essential to provide these facilities.
  • To provide a boost to agricultural growth, MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) should be granted a share of Rs. 1500 crores per year to provide electricity connection for pumps.
  • Farmers who have not yet paid their electricity bill have been awarded a concession of 33% from the government, and if farmers settle 50% of the remaining arrears by March 2022, an additional 50% of the remaining amount will be waived.
  • An amount of Rs. 30,411 crores will be waived by the state government which amounts to 66% of the original outstanding bills of 44.37 lakh farmers.
  • An amount of Rs. Rs. 2,100 crores have been allocated for market creation and value chain projects under the scheme namely Balasaheb Thackeray Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project.
  • About 500 new vegetable nurseries will be developed in Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Holkar to create at least one new nursery in each Taluka.
  • The government of Maharashtra has announced the submission of Rs. 600 crores for research in 3 years to 4 agricultural universities in the state.
  • Under Sharad Pawar Gram Samrudhi Yojana, grants will be provided to rural beneficiaries to build permanent cow sheds, raise goats, or poultry sheds, and turn them into compost.

Sharad Pawar Gram Samridhi Yojana 2024 Maharashtra शरद पवार ग्रामसमृद्धी योजना

The target of the 0% Crop Loan Scheme in Maharashtra

Keeping in mind the objective of freeing farmers from the burden of interest and preventing them from defaulting, the government decided to provide loans with zero interest to farmers who take out loans for crops of up to Rs 3 lakh and repay them on time. Paying interest on crop loans has often been a problem for farmers. The government will pay the interest amount on the crop loan and the funds requested will be provided by the government.

Zero-Interest Rate Crop Loans to Budget Farmers

Zero percent (0%) interest farm loan scheme will cost Rs. 1,200 Crore. To prevent farmers’ suicide and to improve their conditions, the MVA government is already implementing the Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Farmer Loan Waiver Scheme for farmers. Under the scheme, an amount of Rs. 19,929 crores was added to the accounts of 31.23 lakh farmers. It also paved the way for farmers to get new loans. In 2019-20, crop loans amount to Rs. Rs. 28,604 crore disbursed, following debt relief, Rs. 42,433 crore loans were disbursed in 2020-2021.

The state government of Maharashtra focuses on the benefits of farmers’ income. For this purpose, the state government has decided to charge zero percent interest on my loans. The farmers will have to repay the loan with zero percent interest if the loan amount does not exceed Rs 3 lakh and if it is paid on time. About 35 lakh farmers are taking advantage of Maharashtra’s zero-interest farmer’s loan Scheme program.

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