Maharashtra Chief Minister Solar Krishi Pump Yojana 2020


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Maharashtra state government invites online application for Chief Minister 2019 solar farm pump scheme on official website. All interested farmers can fill out the Atal Solar Krishi Pump Yojana application form to register online under the Chief Minister’s solar pump scheme.

Under this government scheme, the state government decided to provide 100,000 agricultural pumps to farmers. All pumps will be gradually installed in the framework of the Mukhyamantri solar pump system in Maharashtra.

The state government will announce the list of beneficiaries of the Chief Minister’s solar pump scheme before January 31, 2019, and begin installing the solar pump in the first week of February 2019.

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Aim of Mukhyamantri Saur Krishi Pump Yojana Maharashtra

The Maharashtra state government wants to start the prime minister’s solar pumping plan with the goal of reducing pollution as much as possible. Apart from that, there are some key goals, which we’ll tell you about below:

  • Providing electricity throughout the day for agriculture.
  • Reducing the burden on subsidizing electricity for irrigation.
  • Remove the contaminated diesel pump.
  • Reducing the burden of mutual support on the commercial and industrial consumers of electricity.

Note – All farmers with less than 5 acres of farmland will receive 3 HP pumps and 5 HP pumps for large farms. In the first phase of the Atal solar pump project, the government will distribute 25,000 solar water pumps, and in the second phase, 50,000 solar pumps will be distributed. While the government will distribute in the third stage 25 thousand solar pumps to farmers.

Saur Krishi Pump Scheme 2020 Overview

Name of scheme Solar Agricultural Pump Scheme
Started by InekGovernment of Maharashtra
BeneficiaryState farmers
An objectiveProviding solar pump to farmers
Application ProcessOnline
Official Website

Eligibility of Atal Solar Agricultural Pump Scheme 2020

  • Farmers with guaranteed water sources are eligible under this scheme. However, farmers with traditional electrical connections to the ag solar pump will not benefit from this scheme.
  • Area farmers who do not electrify traditional energy sources.
  • Tribal and remote farmers
  • Village farmers have not yet been electrified due to a no-objection certificate from the Forest Department.
  • A pending list of applicants applying for a new AG power connection.
  • 3 HP DC up to 5 acres and 5 HP DC pumping systems over 5 acres will be deployed at the selected beneficiary farm.
  • Sources of water are rivers, drainage, agricultural, self-shared and ponds, dug wells, etc.

Documents of Maharashtra Solar Krishi Pump Scheme 2020

  • Aadhar Card
  • Personal ID
  • Certificate of residence
  • Farm papers
  • Bank account book
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • A passport-sized photo

Mukhyamantri Saur Krishi Pump Yojana online registration

The complete online registration procedure for the Maharashtra solar pump and filling in the online order form from CM Atal Solar Pump Yojana is shown below:

  • First of all, the candidate should go to the official website.
  • After visiting the home page on the web, click on the “Online Banking” option on the “Beneficiary Facilities” option in the section above.
  • After that, you will see the application form for solar agricultural pumps online.
  • Here the advanced farmer must enter the location details, the nearest consumer details and the source of irrigation.
  • After that, you must download all the required documents.
  • Finally, to complete the online registration of the Maharashtra Solar Yojana.

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Helpline Number: 1800-102-3435 / 1800-233-3435

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