[PDF] MP Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana 2024 – मुख्यमंत्री सोलर पम्प योजना, Application Form

Madhya Pradesh Solar Pump Yojana 2024 | MP Solar Pump Yojana Online Registration | मध्य प्रदेश सोलर पंप योजना आवेदन 2024 | cmsolarpump mp gov in | Madhya Pradesh Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme | MP Solar Pump Yojana in Hindi


The government launched the Chief Minister MP Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana to benefit farmers. Under this scheme, solar pumps will be distributed by the Madhya Pradesh government to irrigate state farmers and solar pumps will be installed by the government to irrigate the field instead of diesel pumps.

The goal is to install two solar pumps in the next five years for the state’s farmers

Online applications are invited for solar pump installation, the scheme is offered by the Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Under this scheme, the benefit of the solar pump will be granted to the farmer on condition that no grant will be paid on the supply of electricity if the electric pump is installed on that shared/divided piece of agricultural land of the farmer in the future.

The farmer will also self-certify that at present the electric pump is not operated/connected on the subdivided measles/measles farms land. If the concerned farmer disconnects the connection of the said electric pump or leaves his grant, he can be granted a grant upon installation of the solar pump.

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MP Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana

Under this scheme, priority will be given to these state farmers who have no development in electricity. As there is no permanent connection to agricultural pumps where the commercial losses of energy companies are high and transformers are removed.

Where the distance of the farm is more than 300 meters from the electrical line or near the river, the dam, and the places where water is available in sufficient quantities, and because of the selection of crops that require more water pumping.

Main Points of Solar Pump Yojana

Name of schemeChief Minister of Solar Pump Scheme
Was launched  By the Madhya Pradesh government
Beneficiary  State farmers
Application Process  online mode
Official Website Click Here

Objectives of MP Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana

  • Providing solar energy pumps for irrigation to farmers in areas without electricity in Madhya Pradesh.
  • To protect the groundwater through irrigation with new technology and reduce pollution caused by irrigation by a pump using diesel.
  • Availability of solar pumps at a subsidized price for farmers to become self-reliant and to promote gardening crops in the state.
  • To help the country’s farmers reduce irrigation expenses.
  • To reduce the temporary electricity delivery by government energy companies.
  • To expand the agricultural area by providing an irrigation pump system in the arable land in the country.

Benefits of the Mukhyamantri मुख्यमंत्री सोलर पंप योजना

  • Under this scheme, free solar pumps will be provided to state farmers.
  • Districts of the country where power distribution companies cannot arrange the electricity infrastructure. Because of this farmers have to provide a temporary electricity connection for irrigation. Priority will be given to farmers of these places under the solar pump scheme.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided to rural areas that enjoy electricity but are located at least 300 meters from the power line.
  • Places near the river or dam where there is a large consumption of electricity due to the need for water pumps for irrigation depending on the type of crops.
  • All farmers in the state can benefit from this scheme and can easily irrigate their fields with the help of solar pumps.

Required and Eligibility Documents for Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana

To take advantage of the Parliament’s solar pump scheme, you must have the following eligibility and documents.

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh
  • The applicant must have a Kisan card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Proof of residence
  • Land related documents
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • A passport-sized photo

सोलर पम्प प्रकार

क्र.सोलर पंपिंग सिस्टम के प्रकारहितग्राही किसान अंश (रु.)डिस्चार्ज (लीटर में प्रतिदिन)
11 एच.पी.डी.सी. सबमर्सिबल47,213/-30 मी. के लिए 45600, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 45 मी.
22 एच.पी.डी.सी. सरफेस55,819/-10 मी. के लिए 198000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 12 मी.
32 एच.पी.डी.सी. सबमर्सिबल59,882/-30 मी. के लिए 68400, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 45 मी.
43 एच.पी.डी.सी. सबमर्सिबल76,312/-30 मी. के लिए 114000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 45 मी.
50 मी. के लिए 69000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 70 मी.
70 मी. के लिए 45000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 100 मी.
55 एच.पी.डी.सी. सबमर्सिबल1,04,577/-50 मी. के लिए 110400, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 70 मी.
70 मी. के लिए 72000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 100 मी.
100 मी. के लिए 50400, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 150 मी.
67.5 एच.पी.डी.सी.सबमर्सिबल1,52,365/-50 मी. के लिए 155250, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 70 मी.
70 मी. के लिए 101250, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 100 मी.
100 मी. के लिए 70875, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 150 मी.
77.5 एच.पी.ए.सी. सबमर्सिबल1,54,755/-50 मी. के लिए 141750, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 70 मी.
70 मी. के लिए 94500, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 100 मी.
100 मी. के लिए 60750, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 150 मी.
810 एच.पी. डी.सी. सबमर्सिबल2,44,543/-50 मी. के लिए 207000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 70 मी.
70 मी. के लिए 135000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 100 मी.
100 मी. के लिए 94500, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 150 मी.
910 एच.पी. ए.सी. सबमर्सिबल2,45,795/-50 मी. के लिए 189000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 70 मी.
70 मी. के लिए 126000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 100 मी.
100 मी. के लिए 81000, शट ऑफ़ डायनेमिक हेड 150 मी.

How to Apply MP CM Solar Pump Scheme 2024 – एमपी सीएम सोलर पंप योजना कैसे लागू करें

MP Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana online registration

To apply/register on the Mukhyamantri Solar Planner, Madhya Pradesh, you must follow the easy steps outlined below.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the scheme. Click on the link below to go to the CM Solar Pump Portal.
  • After clicking here, the main webpage will open in front of you. Here you will see the “Apply Now” option.
  • After clicking on the option, the login page will open in front of you.
  • You must enter your mobile phone number.
  • After entering the number, the application will verify the correct number by sending OTP to the mobile phone.
  • General information about the farmer must be recorded after checking the OTP.
  • After that, you will have to fill in all general information such as the name of the applicant, province, facility, village, etc.
  • After filling out all the information, you have to click on the “Next” button.
  • Then once you fill in the general information, you will get to the next screen.

Here, farmer basis, eKYC, bank account information, layer self-declaration, measles information related to the land, and solar pump information will be recorded.

योजना के बारे में

पीएम-कुसुम योजना के घटक ‘अ’ के तहत, 500 किलोवाट से 2 मेगावाट तक की क्षमता के विकेंद्रीकृत सौर ऊर्जा संयंत्रों (एसपीपी) को विकसित करने की योजना बनाई गई है, जो कि वितरण कम्पनी के मौजूदा 33/11 केवी सब-स्टेशनों से सीधे जोड़े जाने का प्रावधान है, इस प्रकार टी एण्ड डी (T & D) नुकसान के अलावा ट्रांसमिशन सिस्टम की स्थापना की आवश्यकता में बचत होगी। अधिमानतः किसानों द्वारा, उन्हें सौर या अन्य नवीकरणीय ऊर्जा आधारित बिजली संयंत्रों के लिए अपनी बंजर और अनुपयोगी भूमि का उपयोग करके इन सब-स्टेशनों के पास ऐसे पावर प्लान्ट्स को विकसित किया जा सकता है, जिससे उन्हें अपनी आय में वृद्धि करने का अवसर मिल सकेगा। ”

Saur Krushi Pump Yojana Download PDF: Click Here

HQ Contact – MP Solar Pump Yojana

  • Address: Madhya Pradesh Power Development Corporation Limited Urja Bhawan, Link Road No. – 2 Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Phone Number: 0755-2575670, 2553595

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