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CBSE Online Training for Teachers 2024 | CBSE Online Teacher Training Registration | ऑनलाइन टीचर ट्रेनिंग 2024 | How to Register for CBSE Online Teacher Training

Dear readers, the central government launched an interactive online course on practical learning for teachers and school principals. The CBSE Free Online Teacher Training Course Registration Form is available on the Getting Started Portal/Diksha Portal.

Teachers can now join this course on their smartphones or by downloading the Getting Started app on the official portal

[PDF] New Education Policy 2023-24 – #NEP2020, Complete Information


CBSE Free Online Teacher Training Course – सीबीएसई मुफ्त ऑनलाइन शिक्षक प्रशिक्षण पाठ्यक्रम

The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) launched the CBSE Free Online Teacher Training Course on July 1, 2020. This course was developed by CBSE in cooperation with the Tata Trust and is now available on MHRD’s DIKSHA platform.

Quality concerns in school education are among the priorities of CBSE as it plays a pivotal role in the development of the country. The Board is committed to making provisions for various training programs for teachers and principals to enhance their understanding of the curriculum, delivery mechanism, and other professional qualities.

Through the Cascade mode, the board selects and trains master coaches and mentors to ensure that the benefits of these programs reach all teachers and students in the schools. Teacher training assumes more importance following the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 to ensure that the target is achieved by the teacher-to-student ratio proposed in the Act.


Benefits of CBSE Free Online Teacher Training Course

  • Experimental teaching pedagogy enables students to relate the content of learning domains and topics to their own lives and the world around them.
  • It promotes self-reflection, creativity, and effective study skills in students.
  • In this course, learning by estrus is replaced by learning, which increases the student’s enjoyment, understanding, and conceptual clarity.
  • Apart from this, CBSE has also planned regional webinars for theme teachers and will share details through the CBSE Center of Excellence.
  • For any other schools, you may contact [email protected].

The new curriculum is completely free and teachers can join it in a few simple steps. All teachers are required to read the following steps carefully and register only afterward.



Join the Free CBSE Online Teacher Training Course on the DIKSHA App/Portal Registration Process

Here is the complete process to join this free CBSE teacher training course online on a startup app or portal: –

Download the startup app to your Android smartphone: –

  • First, click on the link: Click Here
  • When you click on the link shown above, the Google Play Store Start app will open.
  • Click the “Install” button to download the start-up platform for the School Education mobile app.

Sign in with an existing startup account, log in with Google, or register for the startup app with an email ID or mobile phone number.

There are two ways to log in [cbse training login]:

  • Scan the QR code using the DIKSHA mobile app.
  • Click on the link to open the course on the mobile app or desktop/laptop web browser: Click here to open the course.
  • After that, register for the free CBSE teacher training course online, and the login page will be visible on your mobile phone.
  • Here new users can register and then enter their email address / mobile number or password or log in with Google.

Free Online Teacher Training Course Certificate

After the successful completion of the course, teachers can download the Certificate of Course Completion from the commencement portal as of July 10, 2020. Moreover, it is expected that after completing this course, teachers will be able to make teaching more enjoyable, reflective, and multi-dimensional.

How to Registration in a CBSE Free Online Training Session – सीबीएसई नि:शुल्क ऑनलाइन प्रशिक्षण सत्र में पंजीकरण कैसे करें

  • First, visit the official website of the cbse training portal for free registration in 2024
  • After that, a home page will open on your screen.
  • Click on the link provided here to register for your free online CBSE session.
  • Now, click here to register for a free online session (on-screen).
  • The registration process for free online sessions will be similar to paid online sessions.

Participants should check both their inbox as well as spam folder for receiving the meeting link (email) for the training sessions.


To Conduct a Free Online CBSE Training Session

  • The participation link will be sent with the instructions by the respective Center of Excellence (COE).
  • Attend the session as instructed by the COE sent to your registered email ID. (Please check your email ID twice at the time of registration).
  • A “link for assessment” will be shared at the end of each session, with some questions related to the content of the sessions.
  • Based on your performance in the assessment, your presence on the training portal will be marked by the Center of Excellence for the next two business days.
  • This teacher training course platform will be CISCO-WEBEX.

Registration open for Free Online Sessions – Today’s Training Programmes

16/04/2024: 15:30-17:0015/04/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityAbhishekBhopalFreeSeats full
12/04/2024: 15:30-17:0011/04/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityPRAVEEN KUMAR MISHRABhopalFreeSeats full
03/04/2024: 15:30-17:0002/04/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityGunjan GujralBhopalFreeSeats full
29/03/2024: 15:30-17:0028/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingLizarani DasBhubaneswarFree
28/03/2024: 15:30-17:0027/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityVamsheepriya AmarDelhi WestFree
28/03/2024: 15:30-17:0027/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingNARENDER KUMARPanchkulaFree
27/03/2024: 15:30-17:0026/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityGunjan JainPanchkulaFree
27/03/2024: 15:00-16:3026/03/2024: 15:00Career CounsellingLizarani DasAjmerFree
27/03/2024: 03:30-05:0026/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingK MADHURIVijayawadaFree
27/03/2024: 02:30-04:0026/03/2024: 02:30Cyber Safety and SecurityPUSHKAL GIRIPatnaFree
26/03/2024: 15:30-17:0025/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityManjeet JauharChandigarhFree
26/03/2024: 15:30-17:0025/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecuritySHALINI KVThiruvananthapuramFree
26/03/2024: 15:00-16:3025/03/2024: 15:00Career CounsellingSrideviDelhi EastFree
25/03/2024: 15:30-17:0024/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSREE REKHA PRASADThiruvananthapuramFree
25/03/2024: 03:00-04:3024/03/2024: 03:00Career CounsellingGayatri VBengaluruFree
22/03/2024: 15:30-17:0021/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSankar Prasad DuttaBhubaneswarFree
22/03/2024: 15:30-17:0021/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSunita KumariPanchkulaFree
22/03/2024: 15:30-17:0021/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityRAKESH NOTTANKANDATHThiruvananthapuramFree
22/03/2024: 03:30-05:0021/03/2024: 03:30Cyber Safety and SecurityRENUVijayawadaFree
22/03/2024: 03:30-05:0021/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingSeema BhushanDehradunFree
22/03/2024: 02:30-04:0021/03/2024: 02:30Career CounsellingVipin SharmaPatnaFree
21/03/2024: 15:30-17:0020/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingANIL KUMAR PATNAIKBhubaneswarFree
21/03/2024: 15:30-17:0020/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingLizarani DasBhopalFree
21/03/2024: 03:00-04:3020/03/2024: 03:00Career CounsellingRavindra Nath TiwariBengaluruFree
21/03/2024: 02:30-04:0020/03/2024: 02:30Career CounsellingAkshay AgrawalPatnaFree
20/03/2024: 15:30-17:0019/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityTHAVASI MONY TChennaiFree
20/03/2024: 15:30-17:0019/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingChand TrehanChandigarhFree
20/03/2024: 15:30-17:0019/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityManjeet JauharPanchkulaFree
20/03/2024: 15:30-17:0019/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingPHILOMINA JAMESThiruvananthapuramFree
20/03/2024: 15:00-16:3019/03/2024: 15:00Career CounsellingTejashkumar H DesaiAjmerFree
20/03/2024: 03:00-04:3019/03/2024: 03:00Career CounsellingMINI JOHNYBengaluruFree
19/03/2024: 15:30-17:0018/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityCHITRAKALA RAMACHANDRANChennaiFree
19/03/2024: 15:30-17:0018/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityAbhishekBhopalFree
18/03/2024: 15:30-17:0017/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingMANILA CARVALHODelhi WestFree
18/03/2024: 15:30-17:0017/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecuritySAPNA SANKHLAChennaiFree
18/03/2024: 15:30-17:0017/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingDINESH BABUThiruvananthapuramFree
18/03/2024: 03:30-05:0017/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingLizarani DasVijayawadaFree
18/03/2024: 03:30-05:0017/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingNalini AroraDehradunFree
15/03/2024: 16:00-17:3014/03/2024: 16:00Career CounsellingMRS YASHIKA BHARADWAJNOIDAFree
15/03/2024: 16:00-17:3014/03/2024: 16:00Cyber Safety and SecurityMR RAJWARDHAN PUROHITNOIDAFree
15/03/2024: 15:30-17:0014/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingVipin SharmaDelhi WestFree
15/03/2024: 15:30-17:0014/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingRajeswariChennaiFree
15/03/2024: 15:30-17:0014/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingShamaila KhanPanchkulaFree
15/03/2024: 15:30-17:0014/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSARBESWAR SAMALBhubaneswarFree
15/03/2024: 15:30-17:0014/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingManjussha Rajas johariBhopalFree
15/03/2024: 14:30-16:0014/03/2024: 14:30Cyber Safety and SecurityREKHA PACHAURIPrayagrajFree
15/03/2024: 03:30-05:0014/03/2024: 03:30Cyber Safety and SecuritySK CHAITANYA CHVijayawadaFree
15/03/2024: 03:30-05:0014/03/2024: 03:30Cyber Safety and SecurityNaveen TanejaDehradunFree
15/03/2024: 03:00-04:3014/03/2024: 03:00Career CounsellingManoj M BhatBengaluruFree
15/03/2024: 02:30-04:0014/03/2024: 02:30Cyber Safety and SecurityMadhu SinhaPatnaFree
14/03/2024: 16:00-17:3013/03/2024: 16:00Career CounsellingMRS REKHA PACHUARINOIDAFree
14/03/2024: 16:00-17:3013/03/2024: 16:00Cyber Safety and SecurityCHARLES CLARANCENOIDAFree
14/03/2024: 15:30-17:0013/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSTELLA PAULINE PUNITHA JChennaiFree
14/03/2024: 15:30-17:0013/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityRoopa KhatriChandigarhFree
14/03/2024: 15:30-17:0013/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingHema KalakotiPrayagrajFree
14/03/2024: 15:30-17:0013/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingRAJI PThiruvananthapuramFree
14/03/2024: 15:00-16:3013/03/2024: 15:00Cyber Safety and SecurityGurpreet KaurDelhi EastFree
14/03/2024: 02:30-04:0013/03/2024: 02:30Career CounsellingVIKASH KUMARPatnaFree
13/03/2024: 16:00-17:3012/03/2024: 16:00Cyber Safety and SecuritySP SINGHNOIDAFree
13/03/2024: 16:00-17:3012/03/2024: 16:00Career CounsellingMRS KHYATI DWARKADASNOIDAFree
13/03/2024: 15:30-17:0012/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSathishkumarChennaiFree
13/03/2024: 15:30-17:0012/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingMANISHAPrayagrajFree
13/03/2024: 15:30-17:0012/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityNikhil SharmaPanchkulaFree
13/03/2024: 15:30-17:0012/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingDEEPA CHANDRANThiruvananthapuramFree
13/03/2024: 03:30-05:0012/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingT LALITHA KUMARIVijayawadaFree
13/03/2024: 03:00-04:3012/03/2024: 03:00Career CounsellingPINKEY SINGHBengaluruFree
13/03/2024: 02:30-04:0012/03/2024: 02:30Career CounsellingCHINSU SINGHPatnaFree
12/03/2024: 16:00-17:3011/03/2024: 16:00Career CounsellingVANDANA PANDENOIDAFree
12/03/2024: 16:00-17:3011/03/2024: 16:00Career CounsellingMRS GUNJAN TOMARNOIDAFree
12/03/2024: 15:30-17:0011/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSangeeta BhatiaChandigarhFree
12/03/2024: 15:30-17:0011/03/2024: 15:30Career Counsellingv sudha maliniChennaiFree
12/03/2024: 15:30-17:0011/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecuritySUDHIR SINGHPrayagrajFree
12/03/2024: 15:30-17:0011/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingRasika BharathanThiruvananthapuramFree
12/03/2024: 15:30-17:0011/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingLizarani DasBhopalFree
12/03/2024: 15:00-16:3011/03/2024: 15:00Cyber Safety and SecurityHARISH DAHIYAAjmerFree
12/03/2024: 03:30-05:0011/03/2024: 03:30Cyber Safety and SecurityPRAVEEN KUMAR MISHRAVijayawadaFree
12/03/2024: 03:00-04:3011/03/2024: 03:00Cyber Safety and SecurityRamya Suhas UdupaBengaluruFree
11/03/2024: 15:30-17:0010/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingHema KalakotiDelhi WestFree
11/03/2024: 15:30-17:0010/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingPADMINI SRIRAMANChennaiFree
11/03/2024: 03:30-05:0010/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingMrinalini AnantDehradunFree
08/03/2024: 15:30-17:0007/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingLizarani DasPanchkulaFree
08/03/2024: 15:30-17:0007/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSUSHIL KUMAR SINHABhubaneswarFree
08/03/2024: 15:30-17:0007/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityRoopa KhatriChandigarhFree
08/03/2024: 15:00-16:3007/03/2024: 15:00Career CounsellingREKHA PACHAURIDelhi EastFree
08/03/2024: 03:30-05:0007/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingDHAVALA SUSEELAVijayawadaFree
07/03/2024: 15:30-17:0006/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingAMBIKA PRASAD GAURPrayagrajFree
07/03/2024: 15:30-17:0006/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingRAJAN KUMARAjmerFree
07/03/2024: 15:30-17:0006/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityAbhishekBhopalFree
07/03/2024: 15:30-17:0006/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingJOJI PAULThiruvananthapuramFree
07/03/2024: 03:30-05:0006/03/2024: 03:30Career CounsellingK UMAVijayawadaFree
07/03/2024: 03:30-05:0006/03/2024: 03:30Cyber Safety and SecurityVishal Kumar AroraDehradunFree
07/03/2024: 02:30-04:0006/03/2024: 02:30Career CounsellingMALA BHARTIPatnaFree
06/03/2024: 15:30-17:0005/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityRoopa KhatriPanchkulaFree
06/03/2024: 15:30-17:0005/03/2024: 15:30Career CounsellingSEEMA TANWARChandigarhFree
06/03/2024: 15:30-17:0005/03/2024: 15:30Cyber Safety and SecurityARVIND CLETUSThiruvananthapuramFree
06/03/2024: 15:00-16:3005/03/2024: 15:00Career CounsellingKhyati DwarkadasPuneFree
06/03/2024: 03:00-04:3005/03/2024: 03:00Cyber Safety and SecurityVanitaBengaluruFree
06/03/2024: 02:30-04:0005/03/2024: 02:30Career CounsellingPRABHA NIDHIPatnaFree

Click the link below (as applicable) to cbse training portal e-certificate download

Announcements, Circulars & NotificationsClick Here
प्रशिक्षण त्रिवेणी PRASHIKSHAN TRIVENIClick Here
Click Here

For any inquiries related to sessions/certifications, kindly contact the respective COE at the email ID given here – Visit the Inquiry Contact Page.

Director(Skill Education & Training)

  • Address: Shiksha Sadan, 17, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, Opposite Bal Bhawan, Near ITO, New Delhi – 110002
  • Tel: 011-22043634, 011-23216963 Fax: 011-23232961
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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