Pradhan Mantri Udan Yojana Flight Fare & Airport List

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The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched उड़ान योजना / Udan Yojana or Udey Desh Ka Aam Nagrik Yojana to make air travel cheaper. Under the new UDAN scheme, people in Level 2 and Level 3 cities can fly for only 2,500 rupees an hour. In this article, we’ll tell you about flight plans, price fares, how RCS works, how to choose airports, a list of operating airports, and a list of air routes.

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What is UDAN Scheme? – उड़ान योजना क्या है?

The main objective of the Udaan scheme is to provide affordable air travel opportunities for all people in the country. The scheme aims to operate about 90 underground airports across the country.

Fares of UDAN Scheme

Under the UDAN scheme, regional domestic flight rates are kept at Rs 2,500 per flight hour for a winged aircraft. A one-hour journey can cover a distance of around 500 kilometers, thus, the fare is around 5 rupees per kilometer, which is much cheaper than most taxi services in the country. For a helicopter trip, the fare is 2,500 rupees per hour, which is 5,000 rupees per 30 minutes.


Under the UDAN scheme, airline operators provide a minimum of 9 seats and a maximum of 40 seats per flight in domestic areas. Whereas, in the case of helicopter flights, a minimum of 5 seats and a maximum of 13 seats are provided by the operator.

Under the Udaan scheme, prices for 50% of seats on flights are set at Rs 2,500, while the remainder is sold based on the current market price. The selected operators are required to operate a minimum of 3 flights and a maximum of 7 outbound flights under the scheme each week.

How Does a UDAN Scheme Work?

The central government offers concessions to select airlines in the form of a low tax, service tax, allowing ASKM for non-RCS (UDAN) seats, and the flexibility of code-sharing at RCS (UDAN) airports.

On the other hand, state governments offer a discount to ATF to cut VAT by 1% or less. State governments provide free security and fire services and provide electricity, water, and other facilities at affordable rates.

Airlines do not have to pay additional fees due to landing fees, parking fees, and terminal navigation landing fees by the airport operator. The airport operator offers a discount on the route navigation facility fee.

Choices for UDAN Airports by the government

Under the Udan scheme, airports are selected in consultation with state governments. The focus remains on resuming operations at non-operating airports and reviving unoccupied airports.

The Regional Connectivity Fund was the first fund established under the Udaan scheme, whereby the partner state governments would contribute a 20% stake in the fund. The flights were operational from January 2017 under the new flight scheme.

List of Airports Within the UDAN Scheme

The list of airports under the UDAN scheme has been released on the official website of the Airports Authority of India, The central government launched the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) to make air travel cheaper, to see the daytime sun.


According to the FICCI Chamber of Industry, about 53 airports across the country are operational under the scheme. Here is a direct link to check the list of airports operating under the UDAN scheme:

A list of 53 airports based on geographical, operational, and commercial criteria was released that is now part of the UDAN Regional Connectivity Scheme. Here is a complete list of 53 RCS airports as of November 12, 2020.

For more information, visit the link, the official website of the Airports Authority of India.


Unmixed airports have been linked to major airports through flights under RCS, Govt. Which will cost 2,500 rupees per flying hour. People can also see a list of 299 RCS tracks in Phases 1, 2, and 3 that started until November 25, 2020.

RCS UDAN Scheme Paths PDF List Download

Here is a direct link to a list of RCS routes starting November 25, 2020. When you download the PDF, the full flight plan route list will appear. You can also download and print this list for future use.

You can also download the full study by FCCI in PDF file format. To download the FCCI Study PDF visit the link below:

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