[Payslip] Paymanager PRI Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip: How to Login and Download Salary Slip

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Pay Manager(Paymanager), Rajasthan is a payment receipt preparation system designed for all Rajasthan government employees. Designed to show all the details regarding the payment of people working under the government. This platform allows a popular, non-discriminatory way to make transactions transparent.

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What is Pay Manager Rajasthan?

Paymanager is a website created by the Rajasthan government. All government employees in Rajasthan can take out all information regarding their salary from this website. Apart from this, all government employees working in Rajasthan are also paid here.

PayManager is a payment invoice preparation system which means for Rajasthan government employees. It provides a common and integrated platform for billing payments to employees. The Software(program) not only provides the facilities for billing of payments but also the preparation of overdue DA invoices, bonuses, arrears, and vacation disbursements.

About PayManager Rajasthan -: This software provides many different services to employees such as:

  • Invoice preparation
  • Prepare DA matrices
  • Bonus information
  • Outstanding information
  • Information on exchange vouchers
  • Personal detail information
  • Income tax information
  • Detailed information about the GA 55 employee

What is Rajasthan Pay Manager/Pre Pay Manager?

About Pro PayManager Rajasthan -: PayManager PRI is another platform that works similarly to PayManager. It fulfills the Panchayati Raj Employees Payslip Requirement of Panchayati Raj under the Rajasthan Government.

To get fair employee payroll bills/employee wage bills, all workers are required to enroll themselves in this software under the Panchayati Raj System.

Login Type for Rajasthan Pay Manager

Rajasthan PayManager Login Types -: When an employee visits the PayManager portal, 3 login options are displayed. After clicking on the employee login option, the employee is required to enter the username and password.

The employee will also have to choose his department from among the other five options to access his account. There are five options:

  • DDO
  • Staff
  • Digital
  • The department
  • Deputy DDO

How to Transfer MDB data? / MDB डेटा ट्रांसफर कैसे करें?

Microsoft Access Database or MDB Data Transfer via Pay Manager Rajasthan –: It is a file extension for the Microsoft Access database or MDB database structures. To successfully update the server with prepaid offline payments, employees must first transfer their MDB data to the PayManager server.

By doing this, it also ensures that all previous payroll slips are counted in the system. For the transfer process, the following steps can be easily followed:

  • From Paybill MDB Website – Select Bill Pay and upload MDB.
  • After selecting the DDO that appears on the screen, click on the Data Transfer tab to transfer the data to the server database.
  • Update assignment ID then updates the discount ID according to the standard opponent master.
  • Update the bank code according to the main standard of the bank.
  • Assignment update according to standard mail owner.
  • After confirming the above steps, transfer the data to the online payment invoice database.

How Do You Know the Password for Rajasthan Pay Manager? / राजस्थान वेतन प्रबंधक का पासवर्ड कैसे पता करें?

Know Rajasthan PayManager Password -: To log into Rajasthan Pay-Manager, a username and password are required. Username is the employee ID number. The first password entered must contain two things:

  • The last four digits of the bank salary account.
  • Date of birth in DDMMYYYY format.
  • When logging in for the first time, an employee should change their password to make something more secure.

How to Create a New Payment Manager Password in Rajasthan? / नया राजस्थान वेतन प्रबंधक पासवर्ड कैसे बनायें?

Create a new password to log in to Rajasthan Pay Manager-: After logging into the PayManager account for the first time, the system will ask the user to change the previously assigned password to something safe.


To change the password, the user must first log in with the default password. On the main screen, tap on the System Administrator option to change your password. The following rules must be observed while changing the password:

  • The password must begin with a capital letter.
  • It must contain at least one lowercase letter.
  • The password must contain at least one number.
  • The password must contain at least one special character, such as # @%, etc.

After creating a new password, the user must confirm it again by typing it in and entering the code correctly. Finally, the employee must log in again with the new password.

How to Prepare a Rajasthan Payroll Manager Salary Slip? / राजस्थान वेतन प्रबंधक वेतन पर्ची कैसे तैयार करें?

Procedure for preparing Rajasthan Pay Manager Salary Slips online -: To receive payment from PayManager, the user has to log in to his account through the official website – or


In the left corner of the screen, there is an option called Employee Corner. For users who open this website on their mobile phones, they have to long-press the option and then click on the required month coupon. They can then download the opening batch(payment).

Frequently Asked Questions on Pay Manager

Rajasthan Pay manager FAQs –: Here are frequently asked questions for employees regarding Rajasthan Payroll Manager Salary Slip:

What are the requirements to access a Rajasthan PayManager account?

To access your PayManager account, the employee is provided with the office ID, DDO, username, password provided by the NIC, budget address, a legacy database for the first time, internet connection, and a tool to access it.

What services are provided in Rajasthan Payroll Personnel Department?

Personal information like personal data, payroll, GA 55, income tax, use of Form 16, etc. is provided in the employee department.

What is the use of Bulk permission?

If there is more than one group in PayManger and everyone must have the same exemption, you can use this option.

What is the use of Bulk Deductions?

If there is more than one group of employees in the wage manager and everyone’s salary will be deducted equally, the bulk discount is beneficial.

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