[PDF] Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2021: राजस्थान आनंदम योजना, Benefits for College Students

Rajasthan Anandam Yojana 2021-2022 | राजस्थान आनंदम योजना | राजस्थान आनंदम योजना क्या है? | Rajasthan Anandam Scheme In Hindi | Rajasthan Anandam Yojana PDF Download


Rajasthan Anandam Yojana 2021 will soon be launched by the state government headed by CM Ashok Gehlot. The Anandam Scheme will incentivize college students to contribute to society and earn academic credits in return. In Rajasthan, community service for students in higher education institutions will now be attributed to the inculcation of values ​​such as ‘Joy of Giving‘. The state government will make outreach to the community mandatory for college and university students.

The new Anandam scheme will be the first of its kind in the country and has already been approved by most universities. More than 20 university students will have to be mandatory volunteers on social issues. These students will be introduced to community service as part of their curriculum in this academic session.

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Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2021 for Students

Through Anandam Yojana, community service will be introduced into the college’s curriculum inspired by the Gandhian approach to the holistic development of citizens. The Anandam scheme will allow students to decide which method of service they wish to operate in. Students must work for the well-being of society with scheduled tasks and tasks that they have to complete on time.

List of projects proposed under the Rajasthan Anandam Scheme

To be considered for the project under the Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2021, the list will include the following points: –

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  • Literacy program.
  • Livelihood projects.
  • Long-time activities for communities such as awareness of government programs.
  • Hold sessions for yoga, meditation, or physical exercise.
  • Activities to restore art and culture.
  • Activities for environmental awareness and appreciation of cultural differences.
  • Many activities are towards first aid training and animal welfare.

Benefits of Introducing Community Service into the College Curriculum

  • Besides contributing to society, students will develop a better understanding of the social and administrative setting around them.
  • Students will get the opportunity to interact and get to know people who are already employed in the professions of their choice.
  • Students’ interpersonal and communication skills will also be developed.

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In addition, good work is reflected in the student’s resumes. This will be of particular value to those applying for admission to universities abroad where community outreach has been a part and practice of the educational process of many colleges.

Portal will be launched, and training will be provided

  • As per this course, students will be required to record good deeds each day and will also participate in social projects based on college advice.
  • A portal for project activities will also be launched, the work done through student photographs will be uploaded and a system of appreciation and awards will be established.
  • There will also be a training program for faculty members.

Delighting students with the Anandam scheme

Anandam will nurture leadership qualities in our youth by connecting them with society and its problems. It will make young people more understanding and empowering and will reintroduce the purpose of education in the long run towards true enjoyment.

It has always been felt that the education system in Rajasthan is not producing happy youths. According to this, comprehensive education is required. Therefore, Anandam Yojana is presented as a compulsory credit in higher and technical education curricula.

Business Operates under the Anandam Scheme in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Anandam Yojana will get a student’s educational credit and make students sensitive to social service. Here is the main part of the works available under the Anandam Scheme:

  • College / university cleanliness
  • Education of slum children
  • Communicating with some non-governmental organizations – non-governmental organizations
  • Others were selected according to the project

This Anandam Program of Higher and Technical Education Department is also associated with an increase in the Happiness Index of students. It will not include any educational burden or financial burden on the state burden or any classroom lectures.

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