[MNREGA] Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2024

Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2024 | राजस्थान पूरा काम पूरा दाम अभियान | मनरेगा पूरा काम पूरा दाम योजना | पूरा काम पूरा दाम अभियान हिंदी में | पूरा काम पूरा दाम अभियान क्या है | MGNREGA Pura Kaam Pura Daam 2023-24 | Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign in Hindi


The State Rural Development Department has launched a full-price full-labor/पूरा काम पूरा दाम अभियान campaign to motivate and motivate MNREGA workers. This will help in completing the work assigned to the workers so that they can get full wages and be assured through better work management. The work is fully completed, and the price of the Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign / Campaign was launched by the Rajasthan Government.

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Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Details – राजस्थान पुरा काम पुरा दाम अभियान

The completed Labor Price Campaign has started in Rajasthan for workers employed under Mahatma Gandhi’s National Rural Employment Guarantee ActMGNREGA Scheme. Although the maximum salary under MNREGA is Rs 220, workers are paid according to the amount of work performed as per the work assigned to them. A low wage rate indicates mismanagement of work.

Not all workers motivate their fellow employees to complete the work assigned to them, although some workers do their work properly. There is a measure of ignorance about the amount of work assigned to the workers by technical and peer workers. These points will be fixed and corrective measures will be taken for corrective actions.

Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign Highlights

Name of schemeRajasthan complete work complete price campaign
Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign
Plan TypeState Government Scheme
State NameRajasthan State Government
DepartmentRajasthan Rural Development Department

Implementation of the Pura Kaam Pura Daam campaign by the Rajasthan Government

The Rajasthan government will do the following to implement the Pura Kaam Pura Daam campaign:

  • The Rajasthan government will encourage workers to file a complaint in the event of absent employees.
  • Peer workers will be exposed to more tension from the government.
  • Focus on increasing female participation (50%), which can better motivate workers (as 70% of the workforce is women).
  • Workers will be educated about the benefits of completing the work they are assigned to.

Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign Need in Rajasthan

The average wage rate in Rajasthan is Rs 162. The past four to five years have seen disparities in wage payments. Those who work honestly and those who don’t work earn the same amount. It has been observed that due to the low wage rate, the total loss of Rajasthan workers is around Rs 2,400 crore.

The technical staff and escort (working supervisors) are responsible for this because they rely on fraudulent means in issuing the payments. As a result, the poor suffer the most. In the present situation, under pressure to increase the average wage rate, they pay higher for less work (for example: pay Rs 180 for 10% of work). This severely affects the property establishment.

About 3 years ago, the Rajasthan government started the entire Pura Kaam Pura Daam project. Earlier, Sarkar made his debut at Ajmer and was a huge hit. Real estate construction got a boost through this campaign and is still operational in a few areas.

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