J&K Satark Nagrik Mobile App Download from Google Play Store सतर्क नागरिक मोबाइल ऐप

Jammu and Kashmir Satark Nagrik Mobile App Download | JK Satark Nagrik Mobile App | सतर्क नागरिक मोबाइल ऐप | Satark Nagrik Mobile App in Hindi / English


Dear Readers, the Jammu and Kashmir government launched the J&K Satark Nagrik Mobile App / सतर्क नागरिक मोबाइल ऐप for Android smartphone users. Now people can download the JK Satark Nagrik Mobile application on their smartphones from the Google Play Store. Even a departmental-level Vigilance Officers portal for J&K Anti-Corruption Bureau has been launched. The Jammu and Kashmir government is taking comprehensive measures to ensure transparent, accountable, and responsive governance.

The most effective antidote to corruption is active, engaged, and empowered citizens. This calls for setting a new standard of zero tolerance for corrupt practices. LG terms the effective use of information technology and dissemination of information to all stakeholders through web portals / mobile applications as a major player in reducing malpractice.

Jammu & Kashmir Satark Nagrik mobile app download from google play store for all android smartphone users, zero tolerance for corruption in J&K by making citizens vigilant, access departmental vigilance officers (DVO) portal.

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Departmental Vigilance Officers Portal (DVO)

The DVO Portal is designed to enable an online communication channel with DVOs in various departments. In some cases, the complaints relate to work in progress, current assignments, unpaid payments for contracts, and more. By referring these matters to the DVOs, violations/shortcomings can be immediately corrected and the loss to the state treasury can be prevented.

The DVO portal will assist in the speedy disposal of complaints and will assist in systematically addressing grievances by enabling monitoring of the status of DVO matters and citizen complaints assigned to DVO organizations in the ACB central office. Through this portal, periodic reports can be created based on the pending and disposed of each DVO.


Performance of the Anti-Corruption Office in Jammu and Kashmir

During the Governor’s administration in Jammu and Kashmir, the Crusade against Corruption took a new leap. The Anti-Corruption Bureau has tightened the screws on the corrupt by recovering/confiscating funds up to Rs. 202 Crore in one case. These cases include an increase in trap cases, seizure of crores worth of assets, and arrest of high-profile officials/persons.

  • As of December 31, 2020, 71 cases have been recorded. 48 cases were uploaded during this period. Of the total registration for 2020, 10 cases were recorded as trap cases in which government officials were caught red-handed.
  • These officials were demanding and accepting bribes from the public while carrying out their duty, while 8 cases related to disproportionate assets (DA) were recorded.
  • Investigations in some cases were completed in record time, and a large number of cases resulted in convictions, with some senior public officials convicted of criminal misconduct.
  • The governor also instructed the officers to explore the possibility of developing a similar app.
  • This application will track the various pending court cases and real-time information about the status of those cases to generate reports and enable them to be disposed of more systematically.
  • BVR Subrahmanyam, Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, Commissioner / Secretary of Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and other senior officials were present at the launch of the JK Satark Nagrik mobile app.

Download the J&K Satark Nagrik Mobile App

The J&K Satark Nagrik mobile app was developed to facilitate the smooth flow of information about corruption and to enable citizens to submit their complaints easily and on the go. Any citizen who has an Android device can download the Satark Nagrik mobile app from the Play Store. A unique identification number will be assigned at the time the grievance is registered which can later be used to track the grievance status.

It is well known that all malpractices, favoritism, and other practices, whether governmental or other regulatory, harm the ordinary citizen and the government. Therefore, citizens and the government. You must stand by and pledge to eradicate it from the system. Through the Satark Nagrik Mobile App, the government wants to ensure that there is no room for arbitrariness and discretion while enabling better quality and efficiency in service delivery.

Satark Nagrik Anti Corruption


Satark Nagrik Official Mobile App of Anti Corruption Bureau Jammu Kashmir.

The offenses of corruption and bribery against Government Employees were initially covered only under the provisions of the Ranbir Penal Code, 1989 Bikrami (1932 A.D). Up to 1949 A.D. cases on this behalf were registered and investigated by Local Police.

After the enactment of the J&K Prevention of Corruption Act, 2006 Bikrami (1949 AD), a separate wing called the “Anti-Corruption Wing” was formed in the State Crime Branch to investigate cases covered under the Prevention of Corruption Act. However, in 1962 a separate organization, called “Anti-Corruption Organization” was created to investigate all cases relating to bribery and corruption.

Download App Here –

Satark Nagrik Anti Corruption – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.jk.jkacb&hl=en&gl=US

Satark Nagrik JK ACB – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.jkacb&hl=ln&gl=US

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