Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivruttivetan Yojana 2021: Online Registration

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Dear readers, the state government of Maharashtra introduced “Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivruttivetan Yojana / श्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना” also known as “Shravan Bal Yojana“. This scheme aims to provide pensions for elderly citizens over 65 years of age. Eligible applicants get Rs. 600 is granted monthly to each beneficiary under this scheme.

All applicants can apply online, then download the official notice and carefully read all the eligibility criteria and application process. We will provide short information about “Shravan Bal Yojana such as Scheme benefits, eligibility criteria, main Scheme features, application status, the application process, and more.

Shravan Bal Yojana in Marathi – श्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना ऑनलाइन आवेदन / पंजीकरण पत्र – [ऑनलाईन अर्ज करा] श्रावण बाल योजना २०२१ – श्रावण बाल सेवा राज्य निवृत्ती वेतन योजना ऑनलाईन नोंदणी, अर्ज फॉर्म पीडीएफ डाउनलोड, पात्रता, लाभार्थी यादी, भरणा / रक्कम स्थिती, वैशिष्ट्ये, फायदे आणि तपासणी अधिकृत वेबसाइट वर ऑनलाईन अर्ज स्थिती.

[Apply Online] Shravan Bal Yojana 2021-22 – Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivruti Vetan Yojana Online Registration, Application Form PDF Download, Eligibility, Beneficiary List, Payment/ Amount Status, Features, Benefits and Check Online Application Status at Official Website

(NFBS) National Family Benefit Scheme – राष्ट्रीय कुटुंब लाभ योजना

Shravanbal Seva Rajya Nivruttivetan Yojana Details

The state government of Maharashtra has initiated an Old Age Pensions Scheme to provide financial assistance to seniors in the state who are over the age of 65. With this scheme, the government will provide Rs 400 to Rs 600 every month. So that the country’s seniors become financially independent. To take advantage of this Shravan Bal scheme, you can apply online at the official web portal. We will provide you with complete details regarding the application procedure.

Highlights of Shravan Bal Yojana 2021

Name of SchemeShravan Bal Yojanaश्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना
Launched byGovernment of Maharashtra
BeneficiariesSenior Citizen of State
Major BenefitUnder this scheme, Rs. 600 per month is given to each beneficiary.
Scheme ObjectiveTo financial assistance to old people of the state
Scheme under State State Government of Maharashtra

Benefits and Features of Shravan Bal Yojana Maharashtra

  • Under Shravan Bal Yojana, the Maharashtra state government will provide financial assistance of Rs 600 per month to seniors in the state.
  • Through the successful implementation of this scheme, seniors in Maharashtra will become financially independent.
  • With this scheme, seniors in Maharashtra will not have to depend on others for their basic needs.
  • Seniors in Maharashtra will overcome their economic woes by implementing the Shravan Bal Scheme.
  • There will be two classes under Shravan Bal Scheme Class A and Class B. The Class A people will be the people whose names are not included in the BPL List and the Class B people will be the BPL Listed people

Eligibility Criteria for Shravan Bal Yojana

Category A

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of Maharashtra.
  • The applicant must be 65 years old or over.
  • The applicant’s income should not exceed 21,000 annually.
  • The applicant’s name is not included in the BPL list.

Category B

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of Maharashtra.
  • The applicant must be 65 years old or over.
  • The applicant’s income should not exceed 21,000 annually.
  • The name of the applicant must be included in the BPL list.

A Required Document by Shravan Bal Yojana

  • Application format
  • Certificate of residence
  • Age proof
  • Income certificate
  • Ration card
  • Passport size photo

Procedure to Apply Online Shravan Bal Yojana Application Form

Steps to Registration for Aaple Sarkar

  • Click on the link “New user? Register here
  • Select any one of the given options to create a username and password i.e. User ID and Password by checking UID or create your own user profile using OTP Verification on your mobile phone.
  • Please fill in the information to create a username and password through a detailed profile using OTP verification on your mobile phone number.

Fill out the registration form on the Aaple Sarkar Service Portal in 6 steps, i.e.

  • Step 1 – Applicant details
  • Step 2 – Address of the applicant [as per the document]
  • Step 3 – Verify Phone Number and Username
  • Step 4 – Upload the image
  • Step 5 – Proof of Identity (Anyone)
  • Step 6 – Proof of Address (Anyone)

Step 3: After logging in using the username and password, the user on the left side can see the names of the departments such as Agriculture, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Energy and Industry, and Ministry of Labor, and upon selecting the section user, he will get a list of the concerned department’s services for the application.


Aaple Sarkar Registration Manual PDF Download –

A procedure to check the status of Shravan Bal Yojana

  • Visit the official Apple Sarkar website
  • On the home page, click the “Track your order” button.
  • Now you need to enter your application ID and click on GO.
  • The application status will be shown on the screen.

श्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना

अ क्रयोजनासविस्तर माहिती
1योजनेचे नावश्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना
2योजनेचा प्रकारराज्य पुरस्कृत योजना
3योजनेचा उददेशराज्यातील निराधार व्यक्तीना दरमहा निवृत्तीवेतन
4योजना ज्या प्रवर्गासाठी लागू आहे त्याचे नावसर्व प्रवर्गातील व्यक्तींना लागू आहे.
5योजनेच्या प्रमुख अटीगट (अ) :-65 व 65 वर्षावरील व दारिद्रय रेषेखालील कुटुंबाच्या यादीत नाव समाविष्ट असणाऱ्याव्यक्तीना श्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना गट (अ) मधून रु.400/- प्रतिमहिना निवृत्तीवेतन देण्यात येते याच लाभार्थ्याला केंद्र शासनाच्या इंदिरा गांधी राष्ट्रीय वृध्दापकाळ निवृत्तीवेतन योजनेचे रु.200/- प्रतिमहा प्रति लाभार्थी निवृत्तीवेतन दिले जाते. यामुळे या लाभार्थ्यांना राज्य शासनाकडून रु.400/- प्रतिमहा व केंद्र शासनाकडून रु.200/- प्रतिमहाअसे एकूण रु.600/- प्रतिमहा प्रतिलाभार्थी निवृत्तीवेतन मिळते.
गट (ब):-या योजनेतंर्गत ज्या व्यक्तीचे वय 65 व 65 वर्षावरील आहे व ज्यांचे कुटुंबाचे एकूण वार्षिक उत्पन्न रुपये 21,000/- च्या आत आहे, अशा वृध्दांना श्रावणबाळ सेवा राज्य निवृत्तीवेतन योजना (गट- ब) मध्ये रुपये 600/- प्रतिमहा प्रतिलाभार्थी निवृत्तीवेतन राज्य शासनाकडून देण्यात येते.
6दिल्या जाणा-या लाभाचे स्वरुपप्रतिमहा प्रतिलाभार्थी निवृत्तीवेतन रु.600/- अदा करण्यात येते.
7अर्ज करण्याची पध्दतअर्जदार जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालय/ तहसलिदार संजय गांधी योजना/तलाठी कार्यालय या ठिकाणी अर्ज करु शकतो
8योजनेची वर्गवारीनिवृत्तीवेतन
9संपर्क कार्यालयाचे नावजिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालय/ तहसलिदार संजय गांधी योजना/तलाठी कार्यालय

Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivruttivetan Yojana

No.PlanDetailed information
1Name of the schemeShravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivruttivetan Yojana
2Type of planState Sponsored Scheme
3The purpose of the planMonthly pension to destitute persons in the state
4Name of the category for which the scheme is applicableApplicable to all categories of individuals.
5Key terms of the schemeGroup (A): A person above 65 and 65 years of age and whose name is included in the list of families below the poverty line is given a pension of Rs.400 / – per month from Shravanbal Seva State Retirement Scheme Group (A). / – Pension is paid per beneficiary per month. As a result, these beneficiaries get a total pension of Rs.400 / – per month from the State Government and Rs.200 / – per month from the Central Government.
Group (B): – Under this scheme, a person whose age is between 65 and 65 years and whose total annual family income is less than Rs. 21,000 / -, will get Rs. Provided by the State Government.
6The nature of the benefits paidRetirement pension is paid Rs.600 / – per month.
7How to applyApplicant can apply at Collectorate / Tehsildar Sanjay Gandhi Yojana / Talathi Office
8Classification of the schemePension
9Name of the liaison officeCollector Office / Tehsildar Sanjay Gandhi Yojana / Talathi Office

Helpline Number

The helpline number is 1800 120 8040.

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