Delhi Dry Ration Kit Scheme for Students 2023 Mid-Day Meal छात्र ड्राई राशन किट योजना

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Dear Readers, Delhi Government is offering the Delhi Student Dry Ration Kit / छात्रों के लिए सूखा (ड्राई) राशन किट योजना in Delhi 2022 students. In this scheme, the state government will provide dry rations to students of its schools under the midday meal scheme for the next six months. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made this announcement on December 29, 2020, of the Student Dry Ration Group scheme.

Students Dry Ration Kit Scheme 2023 under the midday meal program in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, Government of 8 lahks. School students to get groups for the next six months.

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Details of the Dry Food Ration Scheme for Delhi Students

The move to launch the dry food rations package for students 2023 scheme comes instead of the ongoing closure of schools since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier when schools closed, the Delhi government decided to send money for midday meals to the parent’s accounts. However, it has now been decided to provide dry food ration packages to students for a period of six months.


Dry Food Ration Groups Scheme for Students in Delhi was launched by CM

  • Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced this announcement of the Dry Ration Groups Scheme for students at the Dry Rations Distribution event.
  • The scheme is marked in SKV No. 3 in the government school in the Mandawali area on December 29, 2020, and groups were distributed to the parents of 52 students.
  • Schools were closed across the country in March to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
  • Some schools have partially reopened in some states starting October 15, 2020. But the government of NCT in Delhi announced that schools in the national capital will not reopen until the COVID-19 vaccine comes.

Delhi Government Initiatives Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

The Chief Minister was further informed that the Delhi government provided nearly 10 people for lunch and dinner by organizing “langar” in various places. For a period of 3 to 4 months, the dry ration was introduced of approximately Rs 1 crore. The ration included flour, rice, pulses, and oil. Pensions for the elderly and widows have been doubled. Construction workers and taxi drivers got paid Rs. 5,000 each in his bank account. These were the efforts of CM Arvind Kejriwal of the NCT Government in Delhi.


Why Dry Food Kits Sets Are Essential for Students in Dehli

The past nine months have been tough and the Delhi state government will not improve in the near future. The most affected are school children. The health and nutrition of many children are at risk due to the lockdown of Kovid-19, making it difficult for a poor person to earn. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the damage to education may not be compensated later.

The state government wants schools to open and hopes things will improve after the vaccine is introduced. Many daily wage workers cannot earn, and this has also negatively affected their children. The Delhi government plans to send the meal plan money in the middle of the day for six months to the parent’s accounts but decided it would be best to give a share of the same amount.


What’s in the Student Dry Ration Package for School Students in Delhi?

The dry rations group consisted of 10.425 kg of wheat and rice each, 7.713 kg of pulses, and 2 liters of oil in the Student Dry Ration Group scheme. The non-profit organization Akshaya Batra also distributed an additional kit that includes stationery, soap, sanitary napkins, biscuits, and other items. The groups cost the government 4.09 rupees per day for elementary school students and 6.14 rupees per day for the upper elementary student.

In normal times, the government pays Rs 4.48 per primary student (class one to five) per day and Rs.71 per primary student (class six to twelve) per day.

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