[Traffic Police] Smart Yellow Card Scheme – How to Apply Online and Fee Payment

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Dear Readers, If you want to avoid daily traffic checks, Jabalpur and Bhopal Police have launched the स्मार्ट येलो कार्ड योजना / Smart Yellow Card Scheme for you. With this card, you can avoid the hassle of keeping essential documents for the car. you can also save time with this card.

If you live in Jabalpur or Bhopal, this article is for you. Through this article, we will tell you how you can avoid everyday hassles by getting a smart yellow card under the smart yellow card scheme.

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What is the Smart Yellow Card Scheme? – स्मार्ट येलो कार्ड योजना क्या है?

Bhopal Police released the smart yellow card yojana 2023-24 to bring people relief. Hereby, if the police stop the yellow smart cardholders at the checkpoint, after showing this yellow card, you will be allowed to proceed easily and you will not need to show any documents.

However, earlier this card was valid at the district level and now it’s implemented statewide. Currently, during the traffic police investigation, this card can dispose of the driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration cards from one place to another.

A Fee of 50 Rupees to Make the Card

To get a card, it is necessary to have car insurance. Those who wish to get a yellow card must check their car. This card cannot be made without insurance. Police charged 50 rupees for making this card. This card will be valid for one year. People will benefit massively by making this card. Taking along insurance cards and vehicle registration will be free and the risk of losing documents will also be minimized.


Get Your Card in these Two Ways

  • Office: Yellow Card applications will be received at Traffic Police Station, North SP Office, Old Habibganj Police Station Building, and Govindpura Police Station. You can get a card by visiting these places.
  • E-Yellow Card: A copy of the documents required to make a yellow card must be sent to the Police WhatsApp number –9285155100. After verifying the documents, you will receive a card.

Implementation of the Smart Yellow Card Scheme

The Smart Yellow Card scheme has been implemented to rid all drivers of showing vehicle papers over and over again.

  • According to the information, the Bhopal and Jabalpur district police started the smart yellow card scheme and after that, a campaign was launched to connect more and more people.
  • For this purpose, Bhopal Police is now sending a message on social media to get this card and go to the region and colonies to make a card for people and establish a camp.
  • Police say car insurance is necessary to get the card. For people who wish to have a yellow card, insurance for their car is essential and a card will not be made without it.

Fees Payment for Smart Yellow Card Scheme

  • Police will charge 50 rupees to make a card for this and this card will be valid for one year.
  • The card will be a yellow card wrapped in the form of an ATM and will contain two QR codes, one containing the vehicle and car owner details, and the other with the car owner’s address and contact information.
  • On the card, the vehicle owner’s name, address, mobile phone number, vehicle registration number, and yellow card serial number will be written and will be provided along with the digital signature of the police officer who issues the single number to Jabalpur and Bhopal Police.

How to Apply Online for the Yellow Smart Card – पीले स्मार्ट कार्ड के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन कैसे करें

Here we give you complete information on how to apply for a yellow card under the smart yellow card scheme in Jabalpur, Indore, and Bhopal.

Application in Jabalpur and Indore

If you are from Jabalpur then I tell you that the website visitors department has started the Yellow Card Scheme in Jabalpur City. If you need to create your yellow card, you can get it from the website visitors section.

Not only in Jabalpur, but this scheme has also proven effective in Indore Metropolis. After the yellow smart card scheme goes into effect, the website visitor department will also find a way to fully monitor it with this, the crimes will also be stopped.

For Application in Bhopal

If you are from Bhopal then you can get a smart yellow card at any traffic office/station, North SP office, Purana Habibganj police station building, or Govindpura police station. You can GET this card by visiting these aforementioned offices and making use of this system.

If you want to get an electronic yellow smart card, this process is very easy as well. You just have to send all the required documents like your driver’s license, car registration, car insurance, etc. to WhatsApp number 9285155100. Shortly thereafter, the e-Yellow Smart Card traffic will be sent to your mobile phone by the police.

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