[Download] UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2024 Syllabus

Check UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2024 syllabus list | Check Life Skills Curriculum for UG Students & Courses List | Lifeskills course list for graduate students | Check Courses List for Life Skills Program

The University Grants Council (UGC) has launched a new Life Skills 2023-24 Scheme, which is a curriculum for life skills. The purpose of this scheme is to increase a person’s ability to become fully self-aware by helping him overcome all fears and insecurity.

This life skills course has started for undergraduate students in universities and colleges. The Minister of Human Resources Development of the Federation, Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, provided information about the life skills Scheme by the University Grants Committee.

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UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme Syllabus

The UGC Life Skills course will cover different courses such as communication skills, business skills, leadership and management skills, and universal human values. The Life Skills course is available as an online book and can be accessed at https://www.ugc.ac.in/e-book/SKILL%20ENG/mobile/index.html.

The life skills course is suggestive, and UGC has now asked the vice presidents of all universities to consider the course and present it at universities and colleges/institutes affiliated with the university level. Below we give you complete information about UGC-Curriculum List Jeevan Kaushal Yojana 2024.

Targets of UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme

The main goals of the UG Life Skills Scheme curriculum are, will upgrade life skills for UG graduate students:

  • Increasing one’s ability to be completely self-aware, and to help oneself overcome all fears in the form of insecurity and full growth both inside and outside.
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of emotional ability and emotional intelligence in the place of study/work.
  • The purpose of this scheme is to provide an opportunity to realize one’s potential through practical experience.

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  • The new curriculum will develop interpersonal skills and embrace good leadership practices to empower oneself and others.
  • The UGC Life Skills Plan will enable people to set appropriate goals and manage stress and time in an effective manner.
  • In addition, the UGC Life Skills course will manage the accrual mix at all levels to achieve excellence in ethics.

UGC Jeevan Kaushal scheme (Learning Outputs)

  • Gain your ability and confidence
  • Practice emotional ability
  • Gaining intellectual ability
  • Gain an advantage through a professional qualification
  • It aims to have a higher sense of social competitiveness
  • Be a perfect human being

Check out the list of courses for the Life Skills Program

Below are the life skills program curricula, which must be verified before taking advantage of the plan:

  • Course 1:- Communication Skills
  • Course 2:- Professional Skills
  • Course 3:- Leadership Skills
  • Course 4:- Universal Human Values

The syllabus along with its modules and a complete syllabus can be tested using the link mentioned below.

Life skills education for personality development pdf Download:
UGC Life Skills Curriculum List (e-Book)
Life Skills (Jeevan Kaushal) Facilitators’ Guidelines – UGC

UGC Letter reg.: Life Skills (Jeevan Kaushal) curriculum

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